Lewis, Trevor: Close Up Lecture Notes
©1977 (Circa), no publisher listed
Softcover, saddle-stiched, 24 pages
Close Up Lecture
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3 Introducing...Trevor Lewis
4 Chop Cup: uses standard cup with 2 large ball climax
5 The Polythene Bag: selected card penetrates clear plastic bag
5 Mirror Deck: how to make
6 Egg Bag: routine for the Egg Bag
9 Card Gags: three card quickies
10 Flog: Sponge ball routine with a golf theme
12 Fun in a Flat: a slightly risque story where the Queens all turn face up in the deck
13 Coincidence: a clever comedy prediction
14 Beyond Par-a-Dice (Well It's a Title!): a chink a chink/one ahead dice routine with large dice climax
15 The Shark: sharks eat half of the queen
16 Coins in Tumbler: coins to plastic cup performed seated
18 Coin Assembly: coins assemble under one card
19 Transpo Plus: two 5 pence coins merge into a single 10 pence coin
20 Thro' The Lady: coin penetrates a card
21 How to Do a Card Trick: card trick apparently goes wrong
22 Monte Plus: an in-the-hands move for doing a 3 Card monte with ungimmicked cards
24 Coin Selector: coin finds selection
24 5 Card Mental Trick: selected card of 5 has different color back