Lewis, Trevor: Final Party Pieces
©1999 Trevor Lewis, self published North Wales
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 48 pages
Trevor Lewis :
              Final Party Pieces
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Comments: Another in Trevor Lewis' books covering children's show magic. 


3 Contents
4 Foreword: Dan Garrett
5 About the Author
7 Introduction: general thoughts on children's magic
10 The Magic Wand Banner: opener
12 Wand-erful Tubes: clever soda and tube mystery
13 The Miser's Dream: based on Albert le Bas' routine
18 Fez Egg Bag: routine for this unique egg bag
21 Trevor's Torch (Flashlight Fun): bits of business
23 Balloon Business: gag with an automatic inflator
25 Honk-Honk: another use for the tire inflator
26 Silly Billy: poem and platform effect for safety show
28 Wistful Wand: more fun with gimmicked wands
32 Put Some Life Into Your Die Box: several ideas
33 Rabbit Wand Routine: bits of business for a character wand
34 Just In Case: time wasters in case you have to delay your show
36 The Magic Bag: magical message from a bag
39 The Christmas Box: letters transform into a message
41 It's On the Slate: Safety effect with a special slate
44 The Magic Lesson: silks change to safety message