Lewis, Trevor: Further Party Pieces
©1987 Trevor Lewis, self-published, North Wales
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 52 pages
Trevor Lewis:
              Further Party Pieces
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Comments:More magic for children's shows


ii Foreverse: poem by Ali Bongo
ii About the Author

1 The T.V. Start: idea for using the child's family TV
3 Opening the Show: a Whistle routine to start the show
7 Abracadabra Rope Opening: using a hypnotized rope
11 Before Cards Across: some bits of business you can use before Cards Across (from Trevor's previous book)
14 After Cards Across: some ending bits of business
17 Pump Wands: sponge ball and gimmicked wand effect
21 Close Up for Children: ideas for suitable tricks for close-up at a table with children
25 Tantalizing Traffic Lights: similar to Hippity Hop Rabbits for a safety show
31 Beacon Ball: variation of Forgetful Freddie for safety shows
35 Magic Lesson on Road Safety: silks change into a safety message
42 Sunday Egg: Trevor's Malini Egg Bag presentation
51 How to End on Applause: a bit of business for your exit