Lewis, Trevor: Uncut, The Complete Party Pieces
©2006 Trevor Lewis, SPS Publications
Softcover, 270 pages
Uncut the
              Complete Party Pieces
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Trevor Lewis: Uncut



15 Party Pieces
22 The Flowering Bouquet: an opener
24 The Telescope: with a spring snake
26 Take Care: a safety trick using Jumbo picture cards and a hinged flap
29 Happy Birthday: spectator picks cards that spell Happy Birthday
30 The Road Code: The Blinking Beacon used for a Safety Routine
33 Happy Birthday Blind: produces a mixed up and then a correct message
36 Tommy's Teeth: a child's head model used for a platform presentation
38 Cards Across: designed for children's show
42 Cheers: prop for audience interaction
43 The Breakaway Wand: Trevor's presentation
44 George Blake's The Silver Sceptre: Trevor's ideas for this rising wand
47 The Safe: incorporating Eric Lewis' Handkerchief Frame

49 More Party Pieces
51 Foreword to More Party Pieces
52 T.I.P.S.: Trevor's Informative Personal Secrets essay on accepting booking
54 The Flashlight: flashlight on/off children's presentation/gag
57 Wandering Wand: vanishing wand
59 Magic Painting: routine for the Fun Magic Coloring Book
61 Silks from Newspaper: with a Happy Birthday Clown
62 Road Safety Chicken: Balloon to chicken as a lead-in for a Safety routine
65 The Lobster Pot: cleverly gimmicked beach bucket
67 The Cuckoo Clock: clock prop that moves on its own
69 Ditching the Flap: Slate idea
71 A Production With a Message: a square circle silk production with a reason
73 Twentieth Century Minus: variation of 20th Century Silks
75 The Flower Pot: a flower grows in this full children's routine
79 Mismade Flag: Trevor's presentation
82 Cards Across Again: updated version
87 The Magic Umbrella: using a two in one parasol

93 Further Party Pieces
95 Foreword to Further Party Pieces
96 T.V. Start: idea for using the child's family TV
97 Opening the Show: a Whistle routine to start the show
100 Abracadabra Rope Opening: using a hypnotized rope
103 Before Cards Across: some bits of business you can use before Cards Across
105 After Cards Across: some ending bits of business
106 Pump Wands: sponge ball and gimmicked wand effect
110 Close Up for Children: ideas for suitable tricks for close-up at a table with children
113 Tantalizing Traffic Lights: similar to Hippety Hop Rabbits for a safety show
117 Beacon Ball: variation of Forgetful Freddie for safety shows
120 Magic Lesson on Road Safety: silks change into a safety message
125 Sunday Egg: Trevor's Malini Egg Bag presentation
131 How to End on Applause: a bit of business for your exit

133 Still More Party Pieces
135 Foreword to Still More Party Pieces
136 Floppy Flower Opener
138 Little Wonder Box
141 The Balloon Routine Competition
142 Another Mix-Up
146 The Black Cat
148 The Clatter Box Camera
153 Time Will Tell
155 The Tumbling Blocks
156 The Pop-Away Wand
160 Take Care
163 Children's Chop Cup
168 That's Torn It
169 Up Your Sleeve
171 The Rainbow Silk Routine

177 Favourite Party Pieces
179 Foreword to Favourite Party Pieces
181 Cane Opener
183 Kid Glove
185 The Cotton Wool Necklace
187 The Adder
190 Cards Across Conclusion
192 The Broken Window
193 It's Curtains!
196 Freezer Fun
200 The Beads of Prussia
202 Mis-Made Traffic Lights
204 Cigarette Regret
208 Lesson In Magic
214 Six Oblivious Students

223 Final Party Pieces
225 Foreword to Final Party Pieces
228 The Magic Wand Banner: opener
229 Wand-erful Tubes: clever soda and tube mystery
231 The Miser's Dream: based on Albert le Bas' routine
234 Fez Egg Bag: routine for this unique egg bag
236 Trevor's Torch (Flashlight Fun): bits of business
238 Balloon Business: gag with an automatic inflator
240 Honk-Honk: another use for the tire inflator
241 Silly Billy: poem and platform effect for safety show
242 Wistful Wand: more fun with gimmicked wands
245 Put Some Life Into Your Die Box: several ideas
246 Rabbit Wand Routine: bits of business for a character wand
248 Just In Case: time wasters in case you have to delay your show
249 The Magic Bag: magical message from a bag
251 The Christmas Box: letters transform into a message
252 It's On the Slate: Safety effect with a special slate
255 The Magic Lesson: silks change to safety message

259 Unexpected Party Pieces
261 A Helping Hand
262 Block Buster
264 Christmas Tree Routine
266 The Firework Trick
268 Golden Girl
270 Road Safety Puzzle

272 About the Author