Long, Chad: Some Other Stuff...
2000 Chad Long
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 12 pages

Chad Long: Some
              Other Stuff...
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Comments: 8 routines are described in these short notes by Chad Long. These are routines that you will use!
Was available direct from Chad Long at http://www.chadlong.com


1 Bounce/No-Bounce Opener: a clever idea for using the Bounce/No-Bounce balls as an opener for restaurant magic (can also be used as a closer)
2 Mint Busters: Candy Cane transforms to a ball candy and then a flat one
3 Ninja Copper/Silver: a copper coin changes places with a silver coin in the spectator's hand as it is flipped in the air!
5 A Card and A Number: a prediction routine using John Cornelius' Thought Transmitter (though an alternative approach is provided as well)
7 Stretching Silver: a borrowed quarter is bent back and forth and visibly stretched and restored
8 The Lint Brush: a clean lint brush is brushed against the spectator's coat, where it becomes extremely tangled in lint
9 Scatter: four coins are held in the left hand but vanish, to be found under four playing cards on the table. No set up required, no gaffed coins
11 Transputensil: A fork and a spoon are shown. The fork is placed inside the magician's coat and instantly the fork and the spoon transpose.