Lorayne, Harry: Best of Friends Volume II
©1985 by Harry Lorayne, Inc.
Hardcover, 6x9", 567 pages
Best of Friends II
Image courtesy Jake Austin
Harry Lorayne Best of Friends Volume 2

Comments: Illustrated by Robert E. Lorayne.

Contents: (Jake Austin)

15 Foreword


19 Biography-Mike Gallo
20 Direct Jack Sandwich (Mike Gallo)
25 Biography-Peter Marshall
26 Same-Color Direct Jack Sandwich (Peter Marshall)
29 Direct Sandwich (Harry Lorayne)
32 Radi-Cull (Mike Gallo)
39 Biography-Jonathan Townsend
40 Wild Coin Surprise (Jonathan Townsend)
45 Full-Deck Oil & Water (Jonathan Townsend)
48 Waving In Triumph (Jonathan Townsend)
52 Biography-Michael Rubinstein
53 Case Solved (Michael Rubinstein)
58 Off-Color Monte (Peter Marshall)


65 Biography-Louis Falanga
66 Jo-King (Louis Falanga)
70 In Case Of Fire (Louis Falanga)
73 Ace-Sumed Coincidence (Louis Falanga)
75 Biography-Randy Tanner
76 The Rubber Band Deck Switch (Randy Tanner)
79 The Magician's Piggy Bank (Randy Tanner)
84 Biography-Joey Gallo
85 Qua-Druple (Joey Gallo)
91 Red Herring Location (Joey Gallo)
95 Biography-A. Berkeley Davis
96 Roger And Out (A. Berkeley Davis)
100 Mental Sandwich (Peter Marshall)
103 Mentally-Per (Peter Marshall)


109 Biography-Gerald Deutsch
110 Colorful Spell (Gerald Deutsch)
114 Eye Cop (Gerald Deutsch)
117 Key Ring (Gerald Deutsch)
122 Biography-Fred C. Baumann
123 Left Face-Right Face (Fred C. Baumann)
126 Cultural Exchange (Fred C. Baumann)
130 Biography-Robert Bengel
131 Signatures Attract (Robert Bengel)
135 Flight For 3, Rescheduled (Robert Bengel)
142 Biography-Bob King
143 Direct Stop (Bob King)
146 Mental Poker (Bob King)
150 Biography Mike Bornstein
151 On Target (Mike Bornstein)
155 Svengali Prediction (Mike Bornstein)


161 Biography-J.K. Hartman
162 Mini Ha Ha (J.K. Hartman)
169 Suit-De-Suite (J.K. Hartman)
174 Biography-Curtis Kam
175 Jack In The Box (Curtis Kam)
180 "Lonely" Coins Through Table (Curtis Kam)
185 A Cardcase Vanish (Curtise Kam)
190 Biography-Lou Gallo
191 Dribblation (Lou Gallo)
196 Im-Packed (Lou Gallo)
200 Biography-Russell Barnhart
201 Follow That Card (Russell Barnhart)
208 My Best Trick (Russell Barnhart)
211 Biography-Michael Louis
212 Goin Fishin'-With Friends (Michael Louis)


221 Biography-Barry Stevenson
222 The Leeds Production (Barry Stevenson)
228 Split Waterfall (Barry Stevenson)
231 Biography-Sol Stone
232 Linking Links (Sol Stone)
240 Biography-Nick Pudar
241 "Block"Buster Ace Assembly (Nick Pudar)
245 Pips Queek (Nick Pudar)
247 Easy Pickings (Michael Louis)
253 Perspective (Nick Pudar)
256 The Psychic Queen (Randy Tanner)
259 Biography-Ken Krenzel
260 Point Of Contrast (Ken Krenzel)
263 No-Switch Upjog Control (Ken Krenzel)
267 Biography-Dan Garrett
268 Force-Ooth (Dan Garrett)


273 Biography-Richard Vollmer
274 N-E-T Profit (Richard Vollmer)
277 A Royal Flush Dream (Richard Vollmer)
280 Top Draw-Er (J.K. Hartman)
285 Poker/Bridge Demonstration (A. Berkeley Davis)
290 Non-Faro P/B Demonstration (A.Berkeley Davis)
292 Biography-Meir Yedid
293 Born Again (Meir Yedid)
299 My Son, My Son (Meir Yedid)
303 Signed Sandwich (Barry Stevenson)
307 Biography-Edward Marlo
308 Wrong Coin! (Edward Marlo)
313 Biography-Jean-Jacques Sanvert
314 Visual Turn (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)
317 Twisting The Colors (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)


325 Biography-Walter E. Cummings
326 Match Game (Walter E. Cummings)
331 Display Reversal (Harry Lorayne)
333 The Karate Move (Walter E. Cummings)
340 Biography-Walt Maddison
341 Computer Style (Walt Maddison)
347 Eenie, Meenie, Mienie, Mo (Walt Maddison)
351 Inflation (Sol Stone)
357 Biography-Jeff Altman
358 High Speed (Jeff Altman)
366 Startling Sandwich (Jeff Altman)
371 The Covered Switch (Randy Tanner)
375 Perfect Poker (Randy Tanner)


381 After Rhod (Edward Marlo)
389 After Rhod, Continued (Edward Marlo)
393 Snap Card Changes (Edward Marlo)
397 Bill Of Fair (Meir Yedid)
402 Biography-Phil Goldstein
403 Future Indicative (Phil Goldstein)
406 Past Participle (Harry Lorayne)
410 Dangling Participle (Harry Lorayne)
414 Biography-Robert Farmer
415 The Packet Transfer (PAT) Switch (Robert Farmer)
423 Ambiguous Snake Of A Thousand Laughs (Robert Farmer)
430 Mixdemeanor (Robert Farmer)


437 Sub-Scription (Phil Goldstein)
442 Bluff Cut (Bob King)
446 Simplex Reverse Matrix (Bob King)
450 Instant Wild Coins (Jonathan Townsend)
453 Wild Jokers Transposed (Jean-Jacques Sanvert)
457 Master's Open (Prediction) (Dan Garrett)
461 Biography-Stephen Minch
462 Main Attraction (Stephen Minch)
468 Force Feed Again (Harry Lorayne)
471 Chameleons All (Michael Louis)
476 Call Again (Jeff Altman)


483 Biography-Ben Harris
484 Signed Blendex (Ben Harris)
491 Peek Finesse (Ben Harris)
494 Giant Coins Through Table (Michael Rubinstein)
500 Biography-Charles M. Hudson
501 Smart Deck (Charles M. Hudson)
506 Biography-Tom Mullica
510 Fourthright (Tom Mullica)
516 Two-Card Trick, Revisited (Tom Mullica)
520 Biography-Tom Craven
521 Expanded 10-20 Force (Tom Craven)
524 Blank(et) Prediction (Tom Craven)
527 Spin Change (Tom Craven)


533 Biography-Tony Noice
534 Nice Touches (Tony Noice)
537 Ultra Jokers (Tony Noice)
540 Together At Last (Richard Vollmer)
544 Stretch Out (Mike Bornstein)
546 Cliff Hanger (Meir Yedid)
549 Flight Unseen (Robert Bengel)
553 Four Through (Gerald Deutsch)
559 Biography-Terry Lagerould
560 Lost And Found (Terry Lagerould)
563 Relationships (Terry Lagerould)
565 Relationships Plus (Harry Lorayne)

567 Last Word