Lorraine, Sid: Patter
1938 Abbott Magic Company, Colon, Michigan
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 64 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay Seller Folini-And-Sons

Comments: Patter suggestions for various magic effects

Contents (updated July 2017)

1 Explanation
5 Opening Lines
9 Walsh's Cane To Silk
10 The Wrist Watch Trick
12 The Card In The Cigarette
16 The Salt Trick
18 Cut And Restored Rope
20 Grant's Talking Skull
27 Chinese Paper Tearing
28 Twentieth Century Handkerchiefs
29 The Chinese Sticks
31 Grant's Pig On The Slate
33 Torn And Restored Newspaper
35 The Stamp Album
37 Tip-See Bottle Of Milk
39 Card Between Metal Plates
43 Piff Paff Poof
45 Fir Tree And Ladder
49 Topical Gag Lines
51 Gag Lines
63 Appendix
64 What Others Say