Luka, John: L.I.N.T. - Pocket Stuff for Close-up Magicians  
1997 John W. Luka & Louis Falanga; L&L Publishing, Tahoma, CA
Hardcover, w/dj, 141 pages
LINT Pocket
              Stuff for Close Up Magicians
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Comments (Andrew Loh): Illustrated by John L. Luka. This book packed with lots of excellent, practical and powerful stuffs. I give my highest recommendation!

Contents (from book ToC, including comments):

i Acknowledgment
ii Introduction
iii Foreword

1 From the Pages of the New Tops
1 The Lie Detector (Ron Bauer): Here's one reason he's the underground legend, the original and unsurpassed method and presentation of that has become a classic of card magic. (And it's not about computerizing a deck!)
9 The Homing Card (John Luka): Brother John Hamman's packet version of this old standard trick was good, but too long, until now.
14 Diagonal Palm Shift (Paul Chosse): Although "The Pump" was a dandy dry, here's how a master card technician debugged the Erdnase classic method.
20 Key to the Draw (Jack Mcmillen & Charlie Miller): Clarification and presentation of one of the first collaborations between these lifelong friends.
27 Okito Less Box Routine (Milt Kort): The man who invented the combo box routines comes up with a way to do the Okito Box WITHOUT the box!
32 The Turnover Pass (John Luka): Some important techniques and finesses for making this difficult maneuver more deceptive.
40 Very Strange Exchange Part II (Eric De Camps): This is a novel idea transformed into a knockout transposition of a card and a coin. (Includes a new card bottom palm and coin vanish)
44 Card in Match Book (Michael Ammar): Every book on magic should include on of these "Impossible Locations", so here's one for this book.
51 Mental Prediction (Chris Carter): Some invaluable lessons in mentalism for magicians including some basics of "pumping" for the names of mentally selected cards.
57 The Fidgeting Card (Bill Klaush): A knuckle busting challenge for any self-styled finger-flinger, and quite a clever set of ideas, too!
65 The Magic Coin (Ron Bauer): A hilarious and surprising bit of visual funny stuff for the close-up magician or the table-hopper.
70 Wide Open Prediction (John Morgan): A cleverly worked out impromptu version of Paul Curry's popular effect.
73 Simple Arithmetic II (John Luka): Several instructive variations and handlings of an effect that appeared in Vernon's More Inner Secrets of Card Magic.
77 Second Sight (Ron Bauer): A comedy triple prediction effect that will convince an audience that you have special powers, maybe!

83  Bonus Section - Previously Unpublished
83 The "Birthday" Book (John Morgan): This humorous psychological method for presenting Elmsley's "Fortuneteller's Book of Days" even catches those who know the original.
87 Zarrow Shuffle Finesse (John Luka): Several valuable techniques for making this shuffle easier and more deceptive.
93 Chromo Balls (John Luka): A pure sleight-of-hand approach to Daley's "Chromo Spheres" masterpiece.
99 Kings on a Fling (John Luka): An instructive four-phase exercise in combining various card assembly sequences into a cohesive procedure.
111 One Coin for Connoisseurs (Ron Aldrich): This has been called "The Best One Coin Routine around".
118 Invitation to Imagination (Ron Aldrich): Professional, audience-tested presentation for "B' Waved" especially effective for restaurant workers.
124 Overtwist Transposed (Paul Cummins): A clever combination of the "Twisting the Aces" and the "Hofzinser Problem" ideas.   
133 Devilish Trickery (Ron Bauer): The final solution to the "Devilish Miracle Problem" with crystal clear presentation and economically subtle handling.