Luka, John: Uncovered - Secrets for the Serious Magician
2006 John Luka Magic
Hardcover, no dj, 100 pages
              - Secrets for the Serious Magician
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Comments (Andrew Loh): 164 photographs. A great and excellent card magic book. Most of the materials in this book are not difficult to do, great impact and entertaining card magic. Highly recommended!


1 The Ambitious Card: With all the "Get Readies" choreographed into the trick for automatic double turnovers.
10 Licked At Last: An easy to do "In The Hand Triumph" that really packs a wallop.
18 The Card To Wallet: A killer "no palm" card to wallet.
23 The Magic Cards: A fun routine that leaves them wondering.
27 WOW Revisited: A Spiffed up version of "The Biddle Trick"
32 Chromo Balls: A Technicolor revamping of "The Three Ball Transposition".
38 The Airplane Card: Melding Vernon and Carlyle to produce an impossible "Card To Pocket".
45 Michigan Monte: A no gaff version of "Sidewalk Shuffle".
50 The Fun Routine: A devastating three-trick routine that's fun to do.
52 Twisting Daryl: A variation of Daryl's "Twisted Aces Redivivus" designed to open "The Fun Routine".
59 Queens and Aces: Luka's absolutely favorite Brother John Hamman effect.
66 Open Travelers Plus Plus: A variation of Don England's "Open travelers Plus" designed to close "The Fun Routine".
72 Shading: How to "Shade" a card.
73 R.B.'s Delusion: My favorite version of Charlie Miller's classic "Dunbury Delusion".
79 Invisible Palm: This version features the vanish of the last Ace that you can actually do.  
86 Coins Through The Table: This trick fooled Charlie Miller
90 Back to the 19th century: An incredible assembly using no gaffs or extra cards.