Lustig, David J.: LaVellma's Vaudeville Budget
for Mind-Readers and Ventriloquists
©1921 Robert W. Doidge, MA
Softcover, saddle-stittched, 6x9", 85 pages plus ads
David Lustig LaVellmla's Vaudeville Budget
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David Lustig: LeVellma's Vaudeville Budget



10 Practical Hints and Tips for Crystal Gazing Acts
12 - Suggested Answers to Questions for Crystal Gazing Acts
16 A Card Wrinkle: clever card location using the card case
16 Mind Reading Act Routine: list of suggested steps
16 Introductory Lecture for a Vaudeville Crystal Gazing Act
18 The Book Test: with a verbal code
20 An Impromptu Stunt: an approach to a cold reading
21 An That's Not All...or Pure Jennie, the Moonshiner's Frau: a 20th Century handkerchief effect with a story plot
25 Everybody's Choice: three spectators choose the same card
26 The Story of the King and Queen (Harry Blackstone): three card trick with a blank card
27 A Mind Reading Wrinkle: verbal code sample
27 Wineology: vaudevulle patter for the Wine and Water Experiment - wine to water to dark wine to milk, to whiskey, and back to water
30 Wrinkle for Crystal Gazing Act: questions and envelopes
31 Publicity Test: card revelation with an assistant
32 Blackstone's Penny and Dime Trick: trick with a shell penny and dime
33 The Egg Bag - LaVellma Method: comedy routine
35 The Enigma Card Effect (W.D. Leroy): a stacked deck trick
37 A One Man Crystal Gazing Act
38 Another Card From the Pocket (O.T. Gulleck)
39 Patter For the Mysterous Enchanted Clock: The Hindoo Clock Trick
40 The Hindoo Rope Trick (Sherman): an article
42 A Triple Second Sight Test: with an assistant
44 It's a Cruel, Cruel World: comedy skit in which magical effects are introduced
51 By the Way: opinion piece on the magic nuisance
53 Breaking Into the Vaudeville Game: article
57 Patter Odds and Ends
57 - Opening Patter
57 - Bits o' Chatter for Coin Work
59 A Verbal Code for Mind Reading Acts
64 An Illustrated Fairy Tale: a monoloue with a pack of cards
65 Ventriloquial Patter Act for Stage or Club Ventriloquial Entertainers Entitled Just for Fun
70 Supplement - Twenty Minutes With the Spirits: mysterious things happen on stage
73 Modus Operandi and Patter
73 - Introductory Patter
73 - Performer
74 - Description of Patter
74 - The Platform
74 - Introducing the Assistant Into Cabinet Unseen by Audience
76 - Peformer
81 - Curtain
82 Scenario Magical Diversions (LaVellma): a movie script in continuity form, a list of suggested magic effects
86 Advertisements: through page 97