Madsen, Bill & Al Forgione: Hex!
©1969 A New Jinx Publication, Mass
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 109 pages
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1 Introduction

1 Part I
1 The Parlor Yogo (Stuart Cramer)
4 Implanted Thought (Stuart Cramer)
7 Framed! (Harry G. Franke)
14 Three Ways Out (Harry G. Franke)
19 Hot Money (Ace Gorham)
21 Pull Yourself Together (Ace Gorham)
22 Psychic Spectator? (Ace Gorham)
23 Last Call (Ace Gorham)
25 Snap! (Harry Lorayne)
30 Half a Faro Onward (Harry Lorayne)
35 Nicomar's Lesson (Paul Marcus)
38 A Card Named Bill (Paul Marcus)
41 Marlo Flexible Count (Edward Marlo)
42 Hop-Skip-Jump (Edward Marlo)
45 Mental Lie (Edward Marlo)
49 One Over the Eight (Leslie May)
51 Thank You, Ted (Leslie May)
52 Thoughts From Thin Air (Leslie May)
54 Nelson's Column (Leslie May)
59 Nine Numbers (David Ray)
60 Figures Pentastic (David Ray)
61 Primary Color (David Ray)
63 Stigmata (David Ray)
65 Bill Antics (Danny Tong)
67 Ring and Ribbon (Danny Tong)
68 Rope and Ring (Danny Tong)
70 Perambulating Coins (Danny Tong)
71 Hippy Nuts (Danny Tong)
72 Rabbits' Habits (Danny Tong)
75 Phonomenon (Joseph W. White)
76 Let George Do It (Joseph W. White)

79 Part II "In One"
79 Star Living-or-Dead Test (North Bigbee)
83 Jacks - or Better! (Stephen Fernandes)
86 Reading Through a Brick (Roy Fromer)
87 New Method Duo-Flight (S. Leo Horowitz - Mohammed Bey)
90 Turnabout Supreme (Tony T. Kardyro)
91 The Spirit Writes (Gerald Kosky)
94 Cliplink (Sid Lorraine)
99 It's Murder (Orville Meyer)
102 Penetrating Vision (Floyd Shotts)

105 Part III
105 Editorium (Bill Madsen)