Bill Madsen: The New Jinx

Madsen, Bill (Editor): The New Jinx
©1962-1968, Holden's Magic
Softcover, 8.5x11", 4 pages each issue

©1987 Kaufman & Greenberg
Hardcover, 296 pages

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Madsen - The New Jinx Vol 1
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Comments: Monthly periodical for stage mentalists and magicians that ran from May 1962 to April 1968 for 72 issues. Bill Madsen used the pen-name "Arlecchino" as the editor (information from Genii's Magicpedia). The entire set was compiled into a hardcover book in 1987 by Kaufman & Greenberg.

Contents (updated Jan 2018 from book)

Introductory Issue April 1962
1 Editorial: The First Copy of the New Jinx (Madsen Bill)
1 Foreign Exchange (Lynn Martin): English Penn to half dollar in handkerchief
2 Prediction de Luxe (Madsen Bill): headline prediction
3 Comedy Corner
3 - Ro-pin: cut and restored rope with a twist
3 - Balancia: catching a ping pong ball on your nose
4 Jinxisms - The Camel & the Needle's Eye (Clayton Rawon): Camel cigarette through the eye of a needle
4 Dept. of Missing Magicians: plea for material

1 Vol. 1, No. 1, May 1962
1 Magic: Introducing
1 The Korengos: (Jozsef Elsinger): a short bio
2 Moon Flight (Joe Korengo): idea for a mechanical floating ball
2 Everyman's Vanishing Cane (Joe Korengo): poor man's vanishing cane
3 Editorium (Bill Madsen): editorial on magic exposure
4 Comedy Corner:
4 - Comedy Candle to Flower: with a bang
4 - The Creepy Hank: pocket handkerchief keeps vanishing
4 Jinxisms - Ten & One (Jack Vosburgh): a dime and penny on an Ace and 10 spot

5 Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1962
5 Card in the Soup (Martin Lynn): card corner in soup can
6 Editorium (Bill Madsen): don't take flash pictures!
6 Comedy Corner:
6 - Thimbleitis: thimble sticks to nose
6 - A Crooked Deck: visual gag
6 - Un-named: snake basket gag
7 - The Twist Color Change (Martin Lynn): a visible card color change
8 One Little Word (Albert Sidney): a simple book test

9 Vol. 1, No. 3, July 1962
9 Come Fill the Cup (Martin Lynn): silk and dove appearance from a cocktail shaker
10 Editorium (Bill Madsen): review of The New Jinx and a mention of the New Phoenix
10 Comedy Corner: stage bit with the Coin in the Funnel
11 Jinxism - The Devil's Die Secret (Paul Rosini): magician knows which side of a die under a cup is face up
12 Sacrifice (Martin Lynn): bizarre effect of cutting the thumb but no harm done

Vol. 1, No. 4, August 1962
13 Introducing Senor Torino - The Continental Deceptionist: about Tony Kardyro
14 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on magic phoneys
15 Jinxism - Parallel Thoughts (Ted Annemann): assistant on returning to room determines card chosen
16 The Invisible Trip (Tony Kardyro): paper matches assemble to one corner of a handkerchief

Vol. 1, No. 5, September 1962
17 Rabbit Monte (Martin Lynn): audience can't find which bag has the rabbit
18 Editorium (Bill Madsen): letters, reader participation, convention review
19 Familiar Spirit (Kent Arthur): Mathematical mentalism
20 Dear Arlecchino: letter to editor
20 Cardivino (North Bigbee): two person card revelation

Vol. 1, No. 6, October 1962
21 Food for Thought (Irv Weiner): A card revelation using special playing card BonBons
22 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on criticism of magic shows
22 The So Simple Force (Lynn Searles): card force
23 ProFile: Irving Weiner biography
24 Jinxism - The Impressive Moderne (Ted Annemann): sealed letter test
25 Irv's Crimp Control (Irv Weiner): for cards
26 The Prophet's Beard (Irv Weiner-Ray Hyman): magician's beard matches the prediction made with cards with beard pictures on them

Vol. 1, No. 7, November 1962
27 BeStop (Stewart James): Spectator stops at card, and two selections are found on either side
28 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on Annemann and young magicians
28 An Open Letter to Eddie Clever (Bill Madsen): on why another Jinx is worthwhile
29 Jinxism - A Divination with Matches (Fred DeMuth): determining how many matches torn from a pack
30 Copper & Silver (Edward Marlo): full series of transpositions, ending clean

Vol. 1, No. 8, December 1962
31 Tribute (Gene Maze): Triumph with a Stripper Deck
32 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on contributions the British Ring's Budget magazine, and other goings on
32 White Magic (North Bigbee): divination with a method to make a message pad
33 Count Down (Senator Montgomery F. Crowe): magician finds selection using the 4 tens
33 Jinxism (Ted Annemann): recipe for Annemann's Jinx Zipper Cocktail
34 The Monroe Doctrine (Arthur B. Monroe): Four coins assemble on the corner of a handkerchief

Vol. 1, No. 9, January 1963
35 Bobo: introduction to J.B. Bobo
36 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on Don Tanner, Joe White, and honest reviews
37 Change in the Spectator's Hand (JB Bobo): Half dollar changes to Chinese coin in spectator's hand
38 Come & Coin Go (JB Bobo): Coin produced from handkerchief penetrates cloth and vanishes
39 Thru-Pocket Vanish (JB Bobo): for coin
39 Jinxisms - Wise Guy Catch (S. Wimbrough): comedy, audience determines card selection
40 Etheral Silk (JB Bobo): silk production, vanish and production with empty hands

Vol. 1, No. 10, February 1963
41 Alphabet Telepathy (North Bigbee): a mentalist routine suitable for children or adults
42 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Holden's Magic Shop, well written instructions, respect for props
43 Herb Runge's Applause Card (Herb Runge): comedy bit
43 Toss off (Elwin Shaw): miniature card trick
44 Lock & Key (Hen Fetsch): a simple version of 7 Keys to Baldpate

Vol. 1, No. 11, March 1963
45 TeleTact (Danny Tong): a simple book test
46 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Steranko & Danny Tong, magician's assistants
46 Vari-Mental (Danny Tong): close up trick with the Ultra-Mental deck
47 ProFile: Danny Tong biography
47 Tugudtoname (Danny Tong): corner torn from bill, bill in clear glass, bill tube shown, bill vanishes and appears in tube
47 Prognostica (Danny Tong): mentalism with business cards, though sometimes you only get 2 out of 3
48 Commando ! (Danny Tong): selected card is only red card in blue deck - uses Rough & Smooth
49 The Mutilated Card (Russell Prunier): torn and restored with adhesive tape
50 Double-back Doublecross (Danny Tong): uses a gimmicked card
50 - Effect #1: selection appears face up in deck
50 - Effect #2: selection rights itself in deck and transposes with another card

Vol. 1, No. 12, April 1963
51 Crazy Huh ? (Irv Weiner): clever picture helps spectator determine selection
52 Editorium (Bill Madsen): the first year of the New Jinx, a thanks to illustrator Al Forgione
52 Hypnosis - Performers, Amateurs (Al Forgione): essay and warning against Hypnotism
52 Jinxism - No'men-cla'ture (Joseph Dunninger): card spelling
53 Dark Vision (North Bigbee): magician determines ESP designs of cards in envelopes
54 X Change (Tony Kardyro): quarter and half dollar transpose and penetrate the hand

Vol. 2, No. 13, May 1963
55 Biblical Numbers (Ace Gorham): magic addition trick
56 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Cat-A-Tonic Cocktail, Senator Crandall on criticism
56 Jinxism - Im-pröve'ment (Leslie May): variation of last month's speller
57 Paying it Safe (Ace Gorham): magician divines date/serial number of bill, which vanishes and reappears
57 ProFile: Ace Gorham biography
58 A Reverse Thought (Ace Gorham): a way to have a 2nd party determine the card selection
58 Three Way Mentalism (Ace Gorham): combo of Brain Wave deck and Rough & Smooth
58 Stop! (Ace Gorham): an easy stop card trick

Vol. 2, No. 14, June 1963
59 Witch Doctor's Ritual (Felix Greenfield): card is located with a spinner toy
60 Editorium (Madsen Bill): Felix Greenfield, Magic Circle, SAM Magicrama Show
61 Extra Special Prediction (Felix Greenfield): clever ESP force board
61 A 68 Cent Patent (Ted Annemann): a way to protect your magic secrets
62 Impossible Prediction (Felix Greenfield): clever headline prediction
62 Read my Mind ! (Felix Greenfield): magician always wins a challenge pick-up game

Vol. 2, No. 15, July 1963
62 Marlos's Fortunatas (Edward Marlo): multi-phase routines with pennies, a dime, and a penny shell
64 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Lou Tannen's 4th Jubilee in Fallsburg
64 Card Gag (Gerald Kosky): comedy card revelation
65 The Great Chain R-bbery (Larry Weeks): clever update to the linking paper clips
66 Jinxism - Hypocritical Memory (Arthur Monroe): use for a mirror glass and a stacked deck
66 Arlecchino (Danny Tong): prediction is sealed in an inflated balloon and then a case, and when burst is found to have come true

Vol. 2, No. 16, August 1963
67 True Love (Felix Greenfield): mathematical trick for couples
68 Editorium (Bill Madsen): stealing vs. variation
69 Bell Book & Candle (Felix Greenfield): a routine outline
70 Fourth Dimensional Sewing (L. Vosburgh Lyons, Stewart James): ring becomes sewn on a ribbon 

Vol. 2, No. 17, September 1963
71 What the ?? (Ronnie Gann): magician knocks the pips of a card through the table
72 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Silent Mora's 79th Birthday
72 ProFile: Ronnie Gann biography
73 Jinxism - Duplex Date Reading (Charles T. Jordan): magician reads the dates of face-to-face coins
73 Coin-A-Matic (Ronnie Gann): Hoo coin vanish and reproduction
74 Matchic (Ronnie Gann): color changing knife changes to a match
74 Penetracig (Ronnie Gann): cigarette vanishes to be found in a handkerchief bundle

Vol. 2, No. 18, October 1963
75 Beyong Belief (Irv Weiner): blue card matches one of 7 red cards, and selected with faces toward audience
76 Editorium (Bill Madsen): The Unmasking of Arlecchino - Bill's name as editor revealed
76 Dark Sorcery (Albert Sidney): magician determines the marked card and a number in an envelope, and the card ends up in the envelope
77 Novel Reading (Danny Tong): a book test using vanishing ink
78 Jumbo Prediction (North Bigbee): with Jumbo ESP cards

Vol. 2, No. 19, November 1963
79 Person to Person (Leslie May): a selection made by first spectator is found by a second
80 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on reviews that could hurt the performer, should you or shouldn't you?
81 ProFile: Leslie May biography
81 It's in the Book (Leslie May): Using Gardner's Mathematics, Magic and Mystery as a force book
81 The Jinx Five-foot Shelf of Magic (Ted Annemann): a list of recommended books from 1935
82 Lucky Lips (Leslie May): a lady's lipstick helps locate a kissed card
82 This That Those (May Leslie): a "odds in your favor" book test

Vol. 2, No. 20, December 1963
83 Seasons Greetings (Bill Madsen, Al Jorgione)
84 Editorium (Bill Madsen): review of Boston I.B.M.'s First Magicana
84 Jinx Blazer (Ted Annemann): another drink mix recipe, this one flaming!
85 Hart Throbs (Arthur B. Monroe): The 4 Kings rescue the Ace of Hearts in this story trick
86 Little Theatre (Arthur B. Monroe): Story trick with the Ace of Hearts to precede the above

Vol. 2, No. 21, January 1964
87 Divining Rods (Milbourne Christopher): how to make and use them and suggested tricks
88 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on crediting, 4th Dimensional Sewing, and Annemann
89 CATnips (Larry Weeks): some tips and ideas
89 Tram Card (BB Low): one of five cards chosen is covered with a handkerchief, vanishes, and is found in pocket
90 Behind my Back (Tony Kardyro): reading messages written on business cards

Vol. 2, No. 22, February 1964
91 Lo ! A Prophet (Eddie Clever): A headline prediction
92 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on Eddie Clever
92 ProFile: Eddie Clever biography
94 7 + Psychic = Doubled (Eddie Clever): magician reveals info written by 2 spectators and duplicates the drawing of a 3rd

Vol. 2, No. 23, March 1964
95 Figure Fantasy (Jack Potter): a number prediction
96 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on predictions, and the New Holden's Magic Studio
96 Time, You & Another (Eddie Clever): a triple prediction with no cards
97 Prediction (Sid Lorraine): using Annemann's 68 cent patent for a long term prediction
98 Shadows Before (Eddie Clever): 5 Jumbo cards are eliminated to one, which matches the prediction

Vol. 2, No. 24, April 1964
99 Prophesycic (North Bigbee): Card from a blue deck matches one of 3 selections from red deck; uses 3 way force deck and a unique envelope
100 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Bigger vs. Better
100 Ribbon of Eurus (Rudy Reimer): a different cut and restored ribbon
101 Kort's 4th (Milton Kort): a version of sympathetic coins where they gather to one corner of a handkerchief
102 It's About Time (Ronnie Gann): the time randomly set on a watch matches that on a punch card

Vol. 3, No. 25, May 1964
103 Gorha Mania (Ace Gorham):
103 - A Nest of Boxes Routine
103 - Thought Waiver: spectator knowingly reveals card selection of a 2nd spectator's
103 - Mental Chapeaugraphy: idea
103 - From Ace Gorham: three selections appear on the jacket
104 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Boston Assembly #9's Magicals of 1964
105 Addendum (Max Katz): an improvement to Figure Fantasy from issue 23
105 Hindu Dream (Henry Hardin): magician names four cards picked from a hat
106 A Cue for You & a Cue for Me (Tony Kardyro - Torino): entire audience names selected card

Vol. 3, No. 26, June 1964
107 Paradiscophy (David Hoy): music record mentalism
108 Editorium (Bill Madsen): respecting the classics of magic
108 Pen Kink (Martin Gardner): gag with a vanishing borrowed pen
109 Apologia (David Hoy): essay on mentalism as entertainment
109 ???? (David Hoy): introductory stunt for a mentalism piece
110 ProFile: David Hoy biography
110 Easy Way Out (David Hoy): non-thumb writer

Vol. 3, No. 27, July 1964
111 Weiner's Sly Max Slydini (Irv Weiner): a standing version of Slydini's Balls to Hat
112 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Lou Tannen's 4th Magician's Jubilee
113 Jinxism - Bagshaw's Penetration (Arthur Bagshaw): new use for you Phantom tube in this silk vanish and reappearance in a sealed tube
114 Uno Fa Otto (Irv Weiner): complete cigar act

Vol. 3, No. 28, August 1964
115 Spectra-Ception (Paul J. Siegel): performer sees colors with his fingertips
116 The Gost of a Chance (Otis Manning): a billet forcing box and ideas for use
117 Editorium (Bill Madsen): On Annemann's death
117 Two Needles in a Haystack (Senator Montgomery F. Crowe): magician locates two reversed selections in a mixed up deck
118 Frame of Mind (Paul J. Siegel): Message cards are divined from sealed envelopes
118 Psychocolor (North Bigbee): magician tells color of cards behind his back

Vol. 3, No. 29, September 1964
119 Thoughts in Two Sizes (Leslie May): Two Jumbo cards match selections in a regular deck
120 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on women and children in magic clubs
120 Jinxism - Vanishing Wand Presentation (JA Sheterom): wand vanishes from one paper to be found in another
121 Outer Limit (Mae Forgione): another drink mix
121 Psychologia (Ken Krenzel): another use for the billet box from last issue
122 Lodestone (Arthur Monroe): a lodestone helps Junior determine a card selection

Vol. 3, No. 30, October 1964
123 Not Quite Everything About Norman's Ark (J.G. Thompson- Jr.): on the Gilbreath Principle and some uses for it
124 Editorium (Bill Madsen): letter from Walt Rollins suggesting most magic is performed in the home
125 More On (Danny Tong): another trick determining the color of cards in envelopes with the fingertips
125 Witchwood (Ken De Courcy): clever sympathetic match-sticks
125 Jinxism - Evaporato (Otto Waldmann): the coin that gets around - coin vanishes from wine glass 
126 Newmann's Menetekel Deck (George Newmann): reproduction of Newmann's letter to Eddie Clever in 1949 with his version of the MeneTekel Deck

Vol. 3, No. 31, November 1964
127 Dime Transit (John Benzais): a dime ends up under the cellophane of a card case
127 Ring Transit (John Benzais): two borrowed rings transpose in the hands
128 Editorium (Bill Madsen): letter from Bob Nelson supporting mentalism
128 Your Life Your Phone (Senator Montgomery F. Crowe): mathematical trick to derive spectator's phone number
129 Jinxism - Poker Challenge (Gerald Kaufman): a poker deal game
129 Attention! Contest! (Max Katz): an Arithmetical Progression challenge
130 Super Numerary (Ken Krenzel): number divination using pencil reading

Vol. 3, No. 32, December 1964
131 Three Card Money (Arthur Monroe): a betting the odds effect
132 Editorium (Bill Madsen): review of IBM Ring 122 Magicana
133 Don't Blame the Depression If You Lack Money: a humorous advertisement from 1931
133 Jinxism - Elliott Humor (Bruce Elliott): gag with potassium nitrate
133 Solution to Arithmetical Progression (Max Katz)
134 Impromptu Mene-tekel (North Bigbee): using a new deck packed A-K in all suits

Vol. 3, No. 33, January 1965
135 J.B. Card in Wallet (John Benzais): card in any wallet
136 Editorium (Bill Madsen): errata for Impromptu Mene-Tekel; Bob Nelson's Comedy Mentalism III brief review; Johnny Benzais on magician's exposing trick decks
137 ProFile: Johnny Benzais biography
137 Five Cents for your Thoughts (John Benzais): magician determines number of times a coin lands heads or tails
138 4-D Ball Trick (John Benzais): three balls vanish and reappear

Vol. 3, No. 34, February 1965
139 Booknow (Paul Siegel): magazine test
140 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Interesting ad from Hong Kong The Wonderful Damon; on "your favorite method"
141 Two More from J. Benzais:
141 - Lapping a Card (John Benzais)
141 - The Crimped Card Location (John Benzais)
142 Extra Spectra Mental (Leslie May): a routine for E. Mellon's Spectra Mental effect

Vol. 3, No. 35, March 1965
143 Psychic Spell (Felix Greenfield): using a symbol deck, spectator spells to selection
143 Telekinesis (Felix Greenfield): cards jump from one hand to the other, revealing the selection
144 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on routines that need commercial gimmicks; Damon; quick book reviews Hades' Mentalistrix and David Hoy's Psychic and Other ESP Party Games; and a letter from Bob Nelson
145 Die-abolical Concept (Felix Greenfield): a dice stacking routine
145 The Time Will Come (Felix Greenfield): time is printed from a wrist-watch
145 One Finger One Hand Right Hand Billet Switch (Felix Greenfield): used in above routine
146 Certificate of Appreciation (Bill Madsen): to be provided to any contributors to the New Jinx

Vol. 3, No. 36, April 1965
147 Vates Sacer (Paul Siegel): owner of each postage stamp is identified
148 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on criticism in the IBM
148 ProFile: Paul Siegel biography
149 Mystery of Eleusis (Paul Siegel): chosen card is predicted in an envelope on a stand
150 Talismans of Pelazon (Paul Siegel): tags placed by magician on a board match those of the spectator

Vol. 4, No. 37, May 1965
151 Out of my Control (Harry Lorayne): spectator deals to his selection apparently without and coercion; with outs
152 Editorium (Bill Madsen): reivew of The Annual Boston Magirama
154 The Real Secret of Peeling Cards (John Benzais): on making double face or double back cards
154 Stranger Interlude (North Bigbee): a new deck "stranger card" routine

Vol. 4, No. 38, June 1965
155 Ydalir (Max Katz): location control with associated routine
156 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on the death of Max Katz; errata for Stranger Interlude from previous issue; on Damon; etc.
157 Sandstorm (John Benzais): another contest puzzle
157 Assassination (Jesse J. Langston, Jr): Idea for a murder mystery mentalism trick
158 Propelled Lapping (Edward Marlo & Carmen D'Amico): from 1952

Vol. 4, No. 39, July 1965
159 ESPell (Leslie May): spelling to selected ESP card
160 Editorium (Bill Madsen): a car crash, Lou Tannen's 6th Magician's Jubilee, etc.
161 ...To a Memory (Leslie May): first part in a series on a biography of Theodore Annemann
161 CATnips (Joseph White): eight tips and uses for double side tape
161 Silksation (Damon): a form of Grandmother's Necklace for stage using tape and silks
Vol. 4, No. 40, August 1965
163 Christopher on Blind Folds (Milbourne Christopher):
163 - Design Duplication
163 - Headline Vision
163 - Walking the Chalk Line
163 - Sharpshooting
163 - Blindfold Construction
164 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on last month's cover; more on Tannen's Jubilee
165 ...To a Memory (Leslie May): 2nd installment of the Annemann biography
166 Nuchromancy (Richard Koester): prediction of number of reds and blacks and how many cards taken with a Laurie Ireland shuffle
166 On the Mat (Larry Weeks): clever sucker card revelation

Vol. 4, No. 41, September 1965
167 ESP Mania - Where the Action Is (Danny Tong):  with an ESP Commando Deck; rough & smooth red & blue backed deck, with multiple phases
168 Editorium (Bill Madsen): letter from Fu Manchu (Dave Bambert) on a book about the family; controversy of kid magicians and exposures
168 Questioneer (Danny Tong): impromptu message reading
169 ...To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
169 ESPeriments (Danny Tong): two quick experiments that don't always work
169 Thumb Nail Sketches (Danny Tong): two quick tricks - nail-writer business card number prediction
170 Telecodes (Danny Tong): simple two person code using a paper clip
170 ESP Stop (Danny Tong): ESP cards until spectator says stop; stopped at card matches prediction; uses gimmicked ESP deck

Vol. 4, No. 42, October 1965
171 Bennu (Joseph White): magician choses one of many colored discs and spectator chooses another - they match although spectator thought they wouldn't
172 Editorium (Bill Madsen): response to Fulves' article on the Annemann series; recommendation for Ned Rutledge & J.G. Thompson Jr.s Card Party; new edition of Hay's Amatuer Magician's Handbook
172 ProFile: Joseph White biography
173 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
173 Tape Palmed Billet (Joseph White): another use for double-sided tape
174 Tagliostro (Joseph White): a key tag is magically placed on a needle and obtains the value of a selected card
174 Cutting Odds Down (Joseph White): improving the odds with an old card gag

Vol. 4, No. 43, November 1965
175 Macabre Madness (Eddie Clever): a living or dead test for large audiences
176 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Mark Jacobs' idea for an ending to Max Katz' Ydalir; Phil Goldstein's Sealed Up Sarahara With Sand
177 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
177 Mysterear (Ronnie Gann): using a listening device to gain intelligence for mentalism act
178 Command (North Bigbee): spectator counts down to a card in a blue deck, and magician follows in a red deck, and the cards match
178 Slam Bang Card (Joseph White): deck thrown against wall and selection sticks

Vol. 4, No. 44, December 1965
179 The Cut Back (Arthur Monroe): the spectator becomes a card cutting master
180 Editorium (Bill Madsen): The end of the Phoenix
180 Wizzard's Wassail (Damon): drink mix
181 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
181 Living Color (Paul Siegel): a living and dead test using passed out calling cards
182 Predicta Pop (Jesse J. Langston, Jr.): a six pack prediction

Vol. 4, No. 45, January 1966
183 Dominating Dice (Paul Marcus): three dice help locate a card selection
184 Editorium (Bill Madsen): review of the Boston IBM Ring 122 Magicana
185 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
185 A Mental Effect for the Card Men (Tony Kardyro): Mentalist and spectator write the same thing on calling cards
186 Buried Pleasure (Harvey Rosenthal): magician reveals a number written on a card in a pack in an envelope

Vol. 4, No. 46, February 1966
187 Stabbed in the Pack (John Benzais): 3 of Clubs thrown at deck and finds the selection
187 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on Karl Fulves and credits; Sorcar the World's Greatest Magician
189 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
189 Invisible Dice (Ace Gorham): a reversed card matches the value of thrown invisible dice
190 Back'n Blue (Earl Harvey): version of the color changing card

Vol. 4, No. 47, March 1966
191 Brain Storm (Paul Siegel): card selection is predicted beforehand
192 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on the difficulty of Stabbed in the Pack
192 Solus Intra Percet (Paul Siegel): two person code to select one of three items
193 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
193 Fourthought (Paul Siegel): spectator thinks of selection in a fan, one card removed, it is the selection
194 Booknow II (Paul Siegel): book test

Vol. 4, No. 48, April 1966
195 The Probable Winner (Tony Kardyro): horse race win using an approach to the center tear
196 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Duke Stern, bringing laymen to closed meetings
196 The Mating Game (Phil Goldstein): Queen and King end up face up in the deck
196 Crystal Dazer (Jesse Langston): clever addition to Mcathy's Insurance Policy Trick
197 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
197 Glide-iator (Fernandes Steve): helper card becomes the selection and helps find another
198 Immiscibilite (Danny Tong): oil and water in three phases

Vol. 5, No. 49, May 1966
199 Juggler & the Black Magician (Tony Shiels): spectator's selection found between the two Tarot cards, which are put in one of several envelopes and magically selected by spectator
200 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Fritz Kobayashi's birthday cake; Tony Shiels; Dave Hoy
200 ProFile: Tony Shiels biography
201 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
201 The Sorcerer's Signature (Tony Shiels): names of necromancers are burnt, except for the selection
201 The Illustrated Man (Tony Shiels): selection is tatoo'd on the arm
202 Zaggathir (Tony Shiels): a small skull locates the card selection by chattering its jaw

Vol. 5, No. 50, June 1966
203 Nightmares (Tony Shiels): spectator picks same nightmare as magician
204 Editorium (Bill Madsen): response to Stabbed in the Pack by J. Benzais and Harry Lorayne
205 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
206 The Monkey's Paw (Tony Shiels): a real monkey's paw appears on top of a selection
206 Xyddatha (Tony Shiels): spectator's Tarot card selection is predicted

Vol. 5, No. 51, July 1966
207 L'espionne (Stuart Cramer): selection is found by an electronic box, and ends up folded inside
208 Editorium (Bill Madsen): review of SAM Magicrama
209 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
209 Op & Down (Phil Goldstein): clever card revelation with a crystal cylinder
210 Chosen Mate (Chandler L. Mason): Wife and husband select the same girl

Vol. 5, No. 52, August 1966
211 Beatrick ! (Leslie May): four spectators select four envelopes whose contents match their rock singer selection
212 Editorium (Bill Madsen): magic sets for new subscriptions; G.A. Briggs Ltd. Puzzle Book; Howard Schwarzman visit
213 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
214 Tricky Turtles (Joseph White): three turtles produced as final cups & balls loads reveal 3 selections
214 Follow-up to Transit Dime (John Benzais): dime is pulled out from under the cellophane

Vol. 5, No. 53, September 1966
215 Magic for Intellectuals (Roy Fromer):
215 - Fire & Ice (Roy Fromer): hand catches fire and comes out of water bowl with a piece of ice
215 - Shattering Glass (Roy Fromer with Claude Soucie): a glass shatters in a bag
216 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Bill's trip to the Abbott's Get-Together
217 ..To a Memory (Leslie May): continuing biography of Ted Annemann
217 Poor Man's Stabbed in the Pack (Tony Shiels): Tony's approach to make the stabbing easier
218 Brobdingnagian (Paul Marcus): named card from audience is missing from pack and found in a hanging envelope

Vol. 5, No. 54, October 1966
219 Annemann's 55 Cent Card Memory (Ted Annemann): magician can read off order of 1/2 pack
220 Editorium: burnt fingers; correction to James Rainho catalog; arriving at Abbott's Get-Together
221 Annemann Does a Blindfold Walk (Eddie Clever): a photo collage
222 Annemann's Diabolo Pellet Brading (Ted Annemann): pellet reading

Vol. 5, No. 55, November 1966
224 Will the Real Stabbed in the Pack Please Stand Up ! (Harry Lorayne): Harry's original version
224 Editorium (Bill Madsen): after Abbott's Get-Together; Ireland's Magic Shop
226 Mentally Matched (Tony Kardyro): spectator takes card and deck put back in case; magician writes card on a slate, and they match
226 Stripsation (North Bigbee): magician finds 3 selections using a stripper deck

Vol. 5, No. 56, December 1966
227 The Professor (Arthur): Comedy card routine
228 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Germain the Wizard by Stuart Cramer; 5 Micro-Mental Programs by Joseph White
228 Eve's Delight: a drink mix
229 CATnips (Joseph M. White): Using double sided tape for ESP card prediction, card change, mentalist utility bag
229 Psychic Relation (Damon - Bill Madson & Leslie May): Assistant determines color of card in an envelope
230 Letter About Damon (Leslie May)
Vol. 5, No. 57, January 1967
231 My Word (Eddie Clever): book test
232 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Stylesmith effect almost not published; IBM Ring 122 Show Review; Gary Moore TV Magic Extravaganza Review
233 CATnips (Joseph M. White): Methods for positive creative work; idea for Bank Night and ESP prediction; some promotion ideas
233 An Effect from Tom Evans (Tom Evans): A coin is passed through the back of the neck into the mouth
234 Signed Sealed and... (Stylesmith): prediction made in advance matches bill serial number
234 The Lady is a Joker (Steve Fernandes): a packet trick version of Find the Lady or 3 Card Monte

Vol. 5, No. 58, February 1967
235 Secret of Gordius 1 (John Benzais): Multi-phase rope routine
236 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Endire issue is dedicated to this one routine

Vol. 5, No. 59, March 1967
239 Quest of Canoré (Paul Siegel): Two person blackboard code for determining object selected
240 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Tony Shiels recommended Bob read JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, and Bob's review
241 CATnips (Joseph M. White): Creative Ideation Game - way to generate ideas
241 The Hemp Eater (Roy Fromer): two "hemp" cords are chewed on and become one, with a scorpion hanging in the middle!
242 It's Been a Card Day's Night (Phil Goldstein): prediction matches selection, using a blank backed deck and a double facer
242 Bare Faced (Ronnie Gann): all cards are blank except the selection - using a blank faced deck

Vol. 5, No. 60, April 1967
243 The Coin of Kibil-Nala (Joseph White): a marked coin vanishes from one hand to be found in the other, both hands covered with handkerchiefs
244 Editorium (Bill Madsen): 13 !!! By Tony Shiels review
244 A Tip on Hip (Felix Greenfield): idea for getting instructions to a hypnosis stooge
245 Baldpate Revisited (Tony Shiels): Magician finds only key to open a lock in a bag of a dozen keys
245 XNIJ (Tony Shiels): Spectator cuts at only card that has printed on it "You Will Cut Here"
246 Tele Coincidence (Danny Tong): Magician and spectator select words from two different books and they match
246 Triangle Book Test (Danny Tong): using a stooge

Vol. 6, No. 61, May 1967
247 Mutare (Phil Goldstein): Magician's and Spectator's card selections transpose
247 Take 5 (Phil Goldstein): a paper circle is burnt and appears in the deck next to the selection
248 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Reply to Ace Gorham's article on performing in magic clubs
248 ProFile: Phil Goldstein
249 The Little Palmed Card that Wasn't (Phil Goldstein): red deck turns blue
249 Cutting Odds Down Cigarette Style (Phil Goldstein): Addition to Joe White's Cutting Odds Down
249 Piper (Phil Goldstein): follow up to Out of this World card trick
250 At the Stake (Phil Goldstein): Living and Dead test where living paper doesn't burn
250 Concentration Conception (Phil Goldstein): comedy card revelation

Vol. 6, No. 62, June 1967
251 Jinx-in at ft. Cornwall: fake headline
252 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Responses to Ace Gorham's article; Letter from Clayton Rawson; errata for Phil Goldstein's Take 5 from last issue
253 CATnips (Joseph M. White): more on the Creative Ideation Game
253 Tic Tac Toc Magic (Earl Keyser): Conclusion of a game of tic-tac-toe ends in a Magic Square
254 You Find One ! (David Bornstein): selected card has blue back from red deck, then changes to normal, and blue backed selection is in pocket
254 Ad-denda (Paul Siegel): a Want-Ad test

Vol. 6, No. 63, July 1967
255 NY - Not Yet (Roy Fromer): a clever revelation using two 35mm slides
255 NYC - The Fun City (Roy Fromer): using the flap slate principle with 35mm slides
255 NYCT - Nicked  (Roy Fromer): Magician identifies one of five 35mm slides while blindfolded
256 Editorium (Bill Madsen): announcement of The New Jinx ending with the April 1968 issue
256 ProFile: Roy Fromer
257 She (Roy Fromer): story of mystery around burning sugar
257 Stilts (Roy Fromer): story of stilt-walkers around identifying matches
258 The Tale of Count Magnus (Roy Fromer): a ghost story to use with a gimmick-box where the hand comes out and closes the door

Vol. 6, No. 64, August 1967
259 The Fever (Earl Keyser): a number is burnt into a cigarette paper that matches that of a thrown die
259 Adytum (Tony Kardyro): Joker finds two predicted cards
260 Editorium (Bill Madsen): more on the ending of the New Jinx; the Boston SAM convention
261 CATnips (Joseph M. White): on creativity and a challenge
261 The Authentic Method of Spirit Rapping Baby! (Roy Fromer): using isometrics
262 4 From Steve Fernandes:
262 Captured (Steve Fernandes): two reversed cards find selection
262 Reciprocity (Steve Fernandes): a reversed card and a reversed selection transpose between the Aces
262 Penard (Steve Fernandes): gimmicking a clear-barreled pen for a paddle-move card revelation
262 Easy Card Rise (Steve Fernandes): a mechanical way to get the selection to pop out of the deck

Vol. 6, No. 65, September 1967
263 Three Experiments in the Old Art of Hell Raising:
263 Night of the Demon (Tony Shiels): producing a strange fire, a noise, and a demon's face in the dark
263 Red Devil (Tony Shiels): an image appears and vanishes on a card
264 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Exposure of Ted Serios in Popular Mechanics; J.G. Thompson & Ned Rutledge Between Two Minds review; SAM Convention review
265 CATnips (Joseph M. White): prediction card and JS transpose between deck and a box
266 Hobgoblin (Tony Shiels): a goblin appears in the dark

Vol. 6, No. 66, October 1967 - The Mirror Issue (printed backward)
267 Tres Ingenu (Joseph White): a magazine test
268 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on the Mirror Issue, and a review of Johnny Carson's magic
269 Memo (WR Harding): on copper or gold plating a coin
270 Irv's Bill Tear (Irv Weiner): a bill switch shown in diagrams

Vol. 6, No. 67, November 1967
271 Psychic Princess 1 (Danny Tong): stopped at ESP card matches one taken by magician, two methods
272 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Reaction to Mirror Issue; motives for getting into magic
272 Telekinetic Perception (Danny Tong): Telekinesis with a stacked ESP deck
273 CATnips (Joeseph M. White): solution to cheese challenge by John Howie
273 Spectator ESP (Danny Tong): ESP cards chosen from face up and face down ESP decks match; uses gimmicked decks
274 Magic vs ESP (Danny Tong): Chosen ESP symbol discovered by spelling
274 Odd Men Out (Danny Tong): John Scarne's Triple Coincidence using a specially constructed ESP deck

Vol. 6, No. 68, December 1967
275 The Creatitudes (Joseph White): A version of the Beatitudes applied to creativity
276 Editorium (Bill Madsen): On putting together an issue; on Danny Tong; Letter from Arthur Monroe; Joseph White
276 The Santa Sleeper (Al Forgione): a drink mix
277 Effects Using the Commando (Danny Tong): using the Command Deck from March 1963 issue
277 Commando (Danny Tong): the Commando Deck reprinted
277 Effect #1: Using a Commando Deck and a 2nd Deck, selected card from red deck ends up with blue back to match missing card from blue deck
277 Effect #2: another version
277 Two Pins & the Kerchief (Danny Tong): the old safety pin pulled along a Handkerchief trick enhanced with a gimmiced pin from the linking safety pin set
278 Spelldown (Arthur Monroe): a two phase card spelling

Vol. 6, No. 69, January 1968
279 Charon's Fare (Earl Harvey): an approach to the vanished coin in box trick
280 Editorium (Bill Madsen): More on amateur vs. pro; a hypnosis meeting; club membership
281 CATnips (Joseph White): keeping notebooks
282 Magic Spell (Paul Marcus): a spelling card trick
282 Ace Thru Five, Five Thru Ace (Steve Fernandes): Ace through Five put down, but reverse order

Vol. 6, No. 70, February 1968
283 Dabbling with Daub (Irv Weiner): sources, accessing daub, applying it, the spectator does the work, and tips
284 Editorium (Bill Madsen): renewing old effects
285 CATnips (Joseph P. White): Phil Goldstein's solution to the Cheese problem

Vol. 6, No. 71, March 1968
287 Eight to Remember (Joseph White): simple two person code card mentalism routine
288 Editorium (Bill Madsen): on the editorial use of "we" and not naming names; Controversy around Harris Solomon's satire piece in another magazine
289 CATnips (Joseph White): some off-beat methods for the Bill in Lemon
290 Book Test a la Carte (Joseph White): three cards select a page for a book test
290 Which Hand ? (Joseph White): billet reading

Vol. 6, No. 72, April 1968  - Final Issue!
291 The DT Blinfold (Danny Tong): Danny reveals his blindfold technique
293 Editorium (Bill Madsen): Many thanks, especially to Al Forgione for his artwork
294 Drinking Song (Tony Shiels): a song
295 CATnips (Joseph White): tongue-in-cheek everyday uses for the Walsh Appearing Cane & a fake finger
295 Poof ! (David Hoy): small circled dots on a paper vanish in a poof
296 Perception in Prose (Leslie May): a reaond on ESP helps determine which ESP card was chosen