Marcom, Ralph A: Marcom Presents Magic
1979 Magic Inc, Chicago
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 70 pages
Marcom Presents Magic
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Comments: "Curious & innocent diversions with miscellaneous phenomena of an amusing nature."


4 Elwood Rabit Rites: comedy intro
6 Lines from Logan: a foreword by Logan Pritchett
9 Dedication to Van Cleve
10 Table of Contents

11 Chapter I Apologia: introduction

12 Chapter II The Trophy Case Part 1
12 The Monster: card revelation with a mechanical monster, and a comedy deck
16 eROPEtion: a linking ropes routine

21 Chapter III The Trophy Case Part 2
21 My Grandfather, the Pirate: routine with Ascanio spread, two-in-the-hand one-in-the-pocket with balls, four coin assembly
26 The Alchemist's Corner: a routine with a vanishing (lit) match, dice cup with liquid load, and vanishing coin and hat

31 Chapter IV Vampira! Revamped (Gloria Marcom)
32 The New Vampira! Entertainment: the act described with lots of ghoulish humor
34 Components and Mechanisms: descriptions of the props utilized
39 Costuming, Makeup, Music

40 Chapter V The Royal Wizard (Van Cleve)
40 The Bean Trick: four beans, one placed in ear, eye, nose and mouth, and all reappear from the mouth
44 Notes on Beans
43 A Short History and Select Biographical Survey on the Subject of the Bean Trick
45 A Cold Wind from Oz (Van Cleve): a story of a Carnival, a Munchkin and Oz

48 Chapter VI Three Ring Rhapsody (Frank Caple)
48 Caple's Three Ring Routine: Using one key and two regular rings
49 First Link, First Unlink
50 Second Link, Second Unlink, Third Link, Third Unlink
51 Passing One Ring Over the Other, Off the Shoulder Link
52 Unlink One Hand, Link One Hand, Spinoff Unlink
53 Mid-Air Link, Three Ring Link

56 Chapter VII Keeping Abreast: A Benson-Bowl and Four Sponges routine with an adult ending

59 Chapter VIII Chop Cup Capers
59 The Lively Leprechaun: uses a Dice-cup Chop cup, two little green men (one gimmicked), wooden monkey, drawstring bag, wooden nickels, a hat and a shillelagh.
61 The Life and Loves of Lucinda Ladybug and the Hallucinogenic Mushroom: a variation with a Chop cup resembling a mushroom, and ladybugs and a frog

63 Chapter IX Magick!
63 The Rusty Key: the Haunted Key combined with...
65 The Sorcerer's Hat: pom-pom ball vanishes, and slowly crawls to its reappearance location

66 Chapter X This Way to the Egress!: ending notes, awards won by Marcom, Gloria, Frank Caple, Logan Pritchett, and Van Cleve

69 Notes on the Author (Otis Blassingame)