Mardo, Senor: The Mixologist, Bar Magic by Senor Mardo
©1975 (circa) Lloyd E. Jones, Magic Limited, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5",31 pages
The Mixologist
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Comments: Illustrated by the Author. There are a few repeats from Mardo's "Bartender Magic", but most of the effects are new. Those with an * are also found in the previous work.


1 Dear Mixologist (Senor Mardo)
2 Advice: with list of props needed
3 The Educated Bottle: multiple effects, uses Anti-Gravico gimmick
5 Hydrostatic Glass: water suspends in an upside down glass
6 Vanishing Spirit: Squash vanishing whiskey glass
7 The Nervous Egg: stunt for egg to fall into glass
8 Super-Vision: a destructive but clever way to determine a selected card
9 Color Changing Silks: a quickie color change illusion
10 The Traveling Silk: using a home-made gimmick
11 Liquid Smoke: poured from glass to glass*
12 Head or Tail: magician determines heads or tails of spun coin by sound*
13 Where is It?: magician can tell under which cap the quarter is*
14 Nine Pennies Swindle: dime changes to a penny in a flash
14 The Alive Handkerchief: an impromptu animation
15 Paper Fold: coin vanishing paper fold
16 The Cigarette Bank: cigarette to bank note*
17 The Magic Necktie: a necktie servante
18 The Magic Pen: coin from pen
19 The Professor's Nightmare Simplified: three ropes become the same length
21 Cut and Restored Rope
22 Torn and Restored Newspaper: tabloid size
23 The Split String: cut and restored string
24 Vanishing Card: Card vanishes under a handkerchief in a glass
25 Magnetic Cards: cling to hand
26 Card Locator: shortened corner
27 The Thumb Tip: four ideas
28 Dicemagic: dice mathematical trick*
29 Clippo: cut and restored paper strip
30 Levito: nice gimmick used here in a rising card effect
31 Hole in One: Mardo's approach to the Chinese Egg Bag