Mardo, Senor: Routined Magic
1945 Max Holden
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 29 pages
Mardo: Routined
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Comments: edited by John J. Crimmins, Jr.,. This old publication has some nice routines, including Egg Bag, Ball & Cone, Thimbles and a Cups & Balls routine. Line drawings throughout. Recommended.


3 A Word From the Editor: John J. Crimmins, Jr.
5 Mardo's Egg Bag Routine: uses Sterling Egg Bag and a wooden egg and a lemon "final load"
7 The Glass Mystery: 1 cup & ball routine using a single glass covered with newspaper, and 4 sponge balls
8 The Homing Ball: a routine with a cone and ball. Mardo used a New Year's horn and two suitably sized balls.
11 The Shaker Penetration: coin penetrates handkerchief inside glasses. Uses just a half dollar, two highball glasses, and a handkerchief.
12 Strange Dr. Hoffman: "talking" dime on bottle. Requires that you smoke or have some other heat source available.
13 Mardo's Cups & Balls Routine: Mardo strived to eliminate extraneous moves to provide a smooth routine. Suitable for any cup set. Mardo prefers sponge rubber balls, but any can be used. Ends with the usual large loads under each cup.
18 A Novel Sleight: How to separate two cups with a hidden ball, and place them both to the table mouth down
19 The Following Sleights Are Suitable For Either Sponge or Billiard Balls: Includes The Fist Drop, The Scoop, and The Pounding (a ball through the cup move)
21 A Thimble Routine: One thimble multiplies to 4 with a streamer climax. Recommends the Blake Thimble Holder and Jean Hugard's Modern Magic Manual or Thimble Magic for thimble sleights
24 A Thimble Acquitment: a vanish and reappearance of the thimble on the fingertip
25 The Perfect Rice Bowls: How to construct and use an improved Rice Bowl gimmick
26 A Move With The Coin Rattle Box: to show both hands freely and handle the box freely
27 The Crystal Casket: The commercial item is described, and some ideas presented. Includes effect with cigarettes, a tip on the smoke effect, effect with a rope, effect with flowers, and even an effect with coins.