Marshall, Frances & Jay: The Success Book Vol. 1
©1973 Magic Inc., Chicago, IL
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 198 pages

©1975 Second Printing
©1977 Third Printing
©1978 Fourth Printing (expanded - 280 pages)
©1980 Fifth Printing
©1982 Sixth Printing
The Success Book
              Volume One
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Marshall Success Book Vol 1
6th Printing Cover
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Comments: By Frances and Jay Marshall and a panel of experts. Expanded edition added Frances Marshall's "A Magic Primer", and "The Super Show".

Contents: (updated with additional detail Jun 2021)

3 Introduction
4 Why This Book Was Written
6a A Magic Primer (Frances Marshall)
6e - Advice To the Beginner in Magic (Jay Marshall)
6f - The Language of Magic
6k - Bibliography
6l - Explanation of Various Kinds of Tricks
6l - An Introduction to Easy Platform or Stage Magic With Audience Tested Routines
6m - Putting Together a Little Show for Stage or Platform: it is assumed you own the tricks below, details are not provided other than general routine approach
6m -- Square Circle Production Cabinet
6n -- The Rope Trick
6n -- Cutting Somebody in Half!
6n -- Cut and Restored Rope Trick
6o -- The Birthday Hats Trick
7 How to Begin a Performing Career
12 You, the Performer
21 Formal Wear Chart
23 How to Look Your Best Under the Worst Possible Circumstances (Van Cleve)
32 How to Look Your Best Part II: Make Up ad Character Suggestions
43 The Tricks
46 Brief Outline on the Presentation of Magic (Charlie Miller): from Magicana, Genii Magazine
48 - The Silent Link (Roy Benson): how to perform a silent link for the Linking Rings
49 - The Umbrella Trick (Lu Brent): Lu's approach to the restored parasol trick
51 The Assistant

60 Bonus Insert - The Super Show (Frances Marshall): added to the 1978 edition
3 Creating a Theatrical Atmosphere For Your Magic Show
4 The Famous Trimble Background Screen (Jimmy Trimble): with plans
12 Expert Information on Lighting (Len Carrion)
15 Emergency Kit: Len Carrion's kit to take care of shows
16 Magicians Should be Heard As Well as Seen! (Len Carrion): on sound systems
18 Musical Selections Suitable for Magic Shows
25 Sam Randlett: additional comments on music selection
26 Music in Magic: a master index of music in magic compiled from various magic magazines
29 Lighting and Sound to Carry Around (Dale Fletcher)
30 - Introduction
32 - Lighting Terminology and Definitions
33 - Colors, How Much, Wattage and Power
35 - Equipment, Accessories
36 - Setup & Kits
37 - Audio Terminology and Definitions
38 - Audio, Microphones
39 - Cables
40 - Amplifiers & Speakers
41 - Accessories
42 - The Setup
43 - Kits & Recommendation
44 - Summary
45 The Deaf Old Lady in the Balcony (Sid Mayer): being heard
49 Do It Yourself Designs on Silk
53 Your Super Show Assistant
61 - Finale!

69 Staging the Show
73 Information You May Want Some Time In Your Career: info on a supplier
74 Prop List and Scene Plot
75 Patter
81 Presentation for an Anniversary Show
82 Money Like Magic (Earl Renum): Demonstration/Speech with magic for money raising events
86 The Visitors: fellow magicians in the audience
88 Packing for that Show!
91 Jay Marshall's List of Magicians' Necessities
93 Work With the Animals
102 Booking the Magic Show (Virginia and Dick Williams)
102 - Are You Ready?
103 - Who Needs a Show?
105 - The Interview
106 - The Contract
109 Help Yourself to Headlines (Jack Dennerlein)
123 Promoting Yourself In Your Own Home Town (Tommy Windsor)
140 You Sure Know How to Hurt a Guy! (Bill Hyer): An evaluation test
143 Loss!: when your props disappear
150 How to Avoid Accidents
153 The Magic of Taxes
157 After You're Gone - Books for Sale (Robert Lund)
161 The Santa Caper: Christmas shows
166 USO
171 Entertaining In Hospitals
177 The Boiler Room (Jerry Conklin)
183 Cruise Ship Magic (Ken Griffin and Roberta)
186 Theatre of Illusion
190 Shopping Centers and Malls
193 Helping Them Raise Money
200 Table of Contents