Marshall, Frances: Kid Stuff Volume 5
1975 Magic, Inc.
Hardcover, w/dj, 538 Pages
              Marshall: Kid Stuff Five
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Comments (Timothy Arends, updates by magicref): This is the fifth and largest of the 6 volume series of magic for kid-shows. These volumes provide a wide variety of effects for children's shows. Most of the effects are of the interactive-platform variety where you bring a child (or two or three) up on stage. While you may not use all of the effects just as listed, you are sure to find lots of good ideas for your kid-show magic.


5 Introducing Mr. Bink: Short profile of Lt. Colonel George D. Oetting.
6  The Magic Zoo (Oetting): Rundown of Mr. Bink's show with animal theme - mostly dealer items.
15 Selection of Tricks for Children (Oetting): Yogi Bear (variation of forgetful Freddie), Card duck, Silk cabby and change bag, Mutilated parasol
21 I Understand You Do Children's Birthday Parties (Oetting): Essay on birthday party performing
33 Neil & Jeanne Foster on School Shows: good essay on selecting tricks for school shows
39 Dennerlein Balloon or Burst! (Jack Dennerlein): Balloon modeling Tips
40 - Funny Flamingo: Uses 338 and 245 balloons
42 - Dizzy Doghouse: seven long 338 balloons
43 - Three Balloon Bunny: Short 315 Balloon, Round 080 balloon, skinny 245 balloon
44 - Nutty Astronaut: long 338 balloons, round 080 balloon
45 - Friendly Frosty: 080 balloons, 245 balloon
47 - Twist 'N Cut: trick to cut a balloon in two but not have it pop
48 - Rudy's Nose: for Don Alan's reindeer (from Rubber Circus)
49 - Dime Whistle: make a balloon whistle
49 - Comedy Cow: gag
49 - Balloon Cyclone Ideas: How to improvise your own CO2 inflator and ideas on its use
54 - Goofy Glasses: for children to wear
55 - Bingo Balloon: use for the "bingo exploding device"
56 - Balloon Gay Blade: Use Knife Thru Wrist on a balloon
56 - Breakaway Box: comedy bit
58 - Pinocchio's Picture Cards: Magic routine with a growing balloon nose!
65 - Jo-Anne The Out-of-Luck Duck: Card Duck routine with a balloon swan
68 - Standless Card in Balloon: card ends up with balloon, and the corner matches
72 - Balloon Buffoonery: Corny jokes for balloon workers, such as "I hear that the last man through this town with balloons got sent up for a stretch!, and 30 more!
75 Roy Mayer - School Performer: 28 pages section on performing for the Lyceum school, selecting tricks, and lots of bits of business and brief discussions of tricks, wands, and props used
102 The Blue Phantom (Roy Mayer): Platform effect with stacked wooden checkers
109 John Giordmaine (Sid Lorraine): brief profile
112 Cowpop Mystery (Giordmaine): routine for dealer item Richard Himber's Stunned pop-bottle effect
114 Torn Center Effect (Giordmaine):  Tip for Center Tear signature
115 Christmas Spirit (Giordmaine): a cup and liquid effect, hard to follow
117 Blow--Laugh--Blow (Giordmaine): blowing out three candles at once
118 Invisible Flight Of Coins (Giordmaine): coins vanish from one spectator to be found with a second; not very visible, too cerebral for kids.
120 A Long Tie (Giormaine): gag
120 Ring in Egg (Giordmaine): spectator's ring ends up in a egg, with more magic along the way; can use standard confetti glass.
122 The Magic Chain: a number of metal rings joined into a chain while held by a volunteer
123 Shrinking Everlit: routine using Bob Haskell's "Candlite", an automatic relighting candle
125 Candle Magic: routine with Atomic Candle, candle vanishes in paper tube
126 Match-N-Egg: magician apparently breaks an egg into a newspaper but when a volunteer reaches in, pulls out a fried egg
127 Skippo: cut and restored jump rope with lots of byplay
128 John Giordmaine's Patter for The Billiard Balls: multiplying balls
130 John's Trick (Giordmaine): twist on torn and restored paper that works into it the name of the organization you are performing for
131 Dry Ginger Ale: you presumably pour liquid into a paper cone and vanish it
134 Harold Sterling Man of Many Talents: biography
140 The Real Secret of Ventriloquism (Harold Sterling): tips and hints
143 A Tried and Proven Ventriloqual Act (Sterling)
148 Harold Sterling's Chapeaugraphy Act: with a felt hat
134 Harold Sterling and The Cartoon Act: Chalk talk
159 Harold Sterling and the Blok-Kord Trick: block is released from a cord
162 Short and Long Rope Mystery (Sterling): comedy cut and restored rope routine (recommended by Jim Snack)
168 Harold Sterling's Version Of The Sun And Moon Trick: full act with silks
178 Coin Routine (Sterling): using a coin tray; includes lots of Harold's unique workings
183 Sympathetic Silks Routine (Sterling): silks
186 Water Lu Routine (Sterling): Abbott's Water Lu
188 Egg Bag and Lota Routine (Sterling): Egg bag portion not described here
191 A Harold Sterling Close Up Favorite: paddle trick variation
193 Booking Schools (Sterling): 21 pages of insights on getting the work. Curiously, my copy of the book is blank on pages 194 and 195.
214 Harold Sterling's Notes On Working Schools: 9 pages of Harold's insights on presenting in schools. Again, my copy is blank for two pages, 222 & 223.
223 Kid Show Symposium: "The American reader will find the English tricks somewhat different from ours, but it is good to see how the other fellow handles his magic."
224 I Do It For The Money (Billy McComb): Anecdote by Billy
227 Burglar Bill  (Harold H. Poole): Jumbo card and props trick, with comedy, hard to make
231 The Magic Pillar Box (Jack Delvin): an apparatus trick that includes dressing up; very British
234 Toys (Wilfred Tyler): routine for the very young (under 6)
237 Noises On! (Fred Barton): Ideas for using recordings in your act
239 Grannies House in the Forest (Eric Hawkesworth): Magic, paper tearing, and a rag picture
245 Jack and the Chocolate Beanstalk (Roy Baker): Jack and the Beanstalk for the very young. Good use of paper for tree.
249 Trainees Santa (Len Belcher): standard blocks through tube trick with Santa theme. Could also be made into Halloween trick
252 Anticlimax Deluxe (Eric C. Lewis): addition for Will Blyth's Sympathetic Cubes, which is also detailed. Good but tricky to make.
257 My Old Man (Arnold Crowther): basis of effect is the Square Circle. Very British.
260 Lunn's Genie (Robert Lunn): Genie rises from a lamp, cute
264 Toy Town Parade (Ian H. Adair): Jumbo Card story, rabbit card vanishes
267 The Safety Entertainer (Karl Wagner): Kaptain Karl's intro to safety magic.
270 Something to Think About (Wagner): booking the show
278 Here Are Some More Routines (Wagner): Three ideas for safety themed magic
279 Closing Remarks (Wagner): final thoughts
282 The Organized Show and Why It Matters (Wagner): essay
284 Table Ideas (Wagner): Suitcase table, Dick Oslund Case, Walter Graham Type Table, Foot Locker Table, etc.
293 Conny Ray: profile
295 Bobo the Magician: profile
298 Effective tricks and Routines For Children (J.B. Bobo): 16 pages of lists and descriptions of recommended tricks and some performance suggestions
313 The Blooming Idiot Routine (Bobo): Routine around Magic Inc.'s Blooming Stooge trick and Abbott's Trick Milk Pitcher. Good--comedy--older kids, family audiences.
318 Handkerchief pedestal routine
318 Beanstalk and Ladder
320 A Comedy Routine (Bobo): audience participation trick. Cute; dealer items
325 Confetti Cup Routine (Bobo): glass and confetti. Cute but messy; dealer items.
328 The Invisible Handkerchief (Bobo): Good--old Silk Vanish stretched into full routine--looks like skill--kids and adults & fits in your pocket!
331 The Whistle Switch: fun with a whistle controlled electric switch, old hat nowadays
333 A Comedy Funnel Routine (Bobo): water and a magic funnel. Cute! Liquids, preparation.
337 Tricks Suitable For Kids (Bobo): Lists Openers, Closers, and Other Tricks and Routines
340 Fun Stuff (Bobo): one liners and bits of business, such as "My jokes are like my feet, Tired, Flat, and Corney"
346 Two Funny Routines Within 18 Inch Silk Handkerchief: for a girl or woman
350 Cuing Kids For Fun (Bobo): getting children to act well on stage
353 Booking and Playing Schools (Bobo): more advice on booking school shows
363 Entertaining Kids with Cards (Ed Marlo): "Oh, I know that trick! I've got a Marshall Brodien TV Deck of Cards!" Marlo's 6 page essay of using cards to entertain children
370 Kid Stuff in Israel: About Assayaz Albert
374 Doug Anderson As The Amazing Uncle Sam: Biography and becoming a success
380 School Show Presentation for the Firecracker Trick (Stuart Cramer): The Chung Ling Soo Firecracker Trick. Cute; dealer item.
384 David Hoy's Hints on Entertaining Children: essay
387 Who'll Bell the Cat? (Peter Warlock and Don Potts): platform effect. Cutout mouse vanishes: bell appears on neck of cutout cat in box.
389 Visual Woofle Dust With Sound Effects (Bill J. Weldon): how to make it
390 Puppet House platform effect with cards and puppets
395 The House of the Cartoon Champs (Micky Hades): Combination of coloring book, flexagon wallet and pop-up book--not easy to make.
397 Participation (Ronal Bishop): children get to make funny faces. Cute
403 The Cockeyed Skeleton in the Closet (James Lucier): blocks and tube with a Halloween theme. Cute; good for Halloween.
406 Sammy the Snail (Harold Dover) a platform snail race. Hard to make
409 Condensed Chicken (David Roper and Buddy Tribbles): Combination of chalk talk and egg bag routine using chicken egg bag; some jokes would be over the heads of kids.
405 Mouseket-Ears by Karrell Fox (Karrell Fox): Selected cards appear at tips of ears of Mickey Mouse hat--perhaps better for adults.
417 Clown Assistant (Bill J. Weldon): Clown apparatus acts as a running gag through your show
421 Find the Rabbit (Norman Rashleigh): Stage size Three Card Monte for children. Hard to make
427 Rabbit in Hat: hard to follow
430 A Corsage for You (Joe Palen): quick production of a flower. "Mirror vase" idea.
431 Do No Trick (Hal Sparks): Story trick about donuts and school. "Doughnuts" fall-off cord ala Grandmother's Necklace principle; placed in handkerchief that is tied to pole, they disappear and then reappear. Running away from home theme.
434 9 out of 10 Rabbits Prefer Don Alan:  (Don Alan): gold fish production effect for a children's party
435 A Children's Routine (William McKay): Storyline of a Giant, and suggestions for routines to include. Also instructions for a paper bonnet
438 Nothing Grinder (Roy Kissell): Patter for Spikes Through Balloon. Good! --suitable for all ages
440 Quiz Game (Tom Powell): a slate trick oriented around a quiz show. Worth trying.
443 The Hank Moorehouse Four Minute Act for Blowing Up a Balloon or A Little Hot Air Goes a Long Way With Mr. Bubbles: turning making a balloon dog into a routine. Cute; dealer item--uses Magic Inc. gag bag.
446 Topper Martyn Tells It Like It Is In Sweden: 8 page essay on performing for Children
455 Houdini Lives On: photo of high school student Claude Roberts in an escape
456 Anything I Can Do You can Try to Do Better!: profile of juggler Eddie Rosto
458 A Magic Attack on a Very Up-to-Date Problem: profile of Jeff Wawrzaszek's Magic Drug Education program
460 The Amazing Randi on The Subject of Kids: a short essay (college students)
462 Eyewitness Review of the Russ Charles Show: another profile with a list of Russ' program (Russell Charles Zieske)
464 School Audiences Seen from the Inside (Dr. Earl Reum): a view from a School official
468 Magical Herpetology & Theodore Shultz: a snake in a dove pan
472 Reviews of School Assembly Programs (Dick Oslund): Each entry provides a list of effects in the program
473 - Stuart Ross
474 - Roy Shrimplin
475 - Loring Campbell
476 - Arnold Furst: See Magic for Monsters, now incorporated into Kidd Stuff Six!
476 - Al Baker
477 - Roy Mayer
478 - C. Thomas Magrum
483 - Prince Kemo (James Wiggins)
485 - Bobo
486 - James Perkins
487 - Dick Oslund
487 - My First School Show Magician (Stanley Susan)
489 Fun Rope Routine (Trevor Lewis): using a rubber chicken, Professor's Nightmare.
492 A Sponge Ball Bit for Use With Kids (Mark Sweet): needs the child's jacket to have a lapel
493 Professional Actor Max Howard on Working For Kids: essay
497 A Peg to Hang Your Magic On (Bruce Armstrong): active magic that motivates, ideas for anti-smoking magic
505 Butterflies Are Free (Bruce Armstrong): ideas for Charlie Miller's Knot Control from Magic Inc.
508 Everything You Would Like to Know About the School Show Business and Never Had Anybody to Ask (Marshall, Oslund): 14 page essay
520 List of School Assembly Bureaus
522 Who's Your Competition In the School Show Biz?: 8 page essay; a list of other entertainers working schools
530 Homework Assignment: develop a respect for the law show
534 Index
536 Credits and Thanks
537 Little Gallery of Magicians At Work For Kids