Massey, Edward M.: New and Original Magic
©1922 Edward M. Massey, Pub. Spon & Chamberlain, NY
Hardcover, 5.75x8.5", 200 pages

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Edward Massey: New and Original Magic
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Comments: "Comprising a Number of Novel and Entertaining Effects. A Fund of Information for the Professional Artist and His Younger Brother, the Amateur."


1 Foreword
3 Contents
1 Introduction (Dr. A.M. Wilson): Editor of the Sphinx
3 Personal Observations: about the author's venture into magic
16 A Word On What Is To Follow: each item proven practical
18 An Opening: bowl and flower production
24 To The Colors; Or, The Makings Of A Nation: Silks and candles
31 A Diminishing Card: four stages
37 The Sure-Fire Handkerchief Pistol: handkerchief vanish
43 The Drumhead Target: stage effect
50 Candle Smoke: smoke produces a handkerchief
55 The Pedestal Top: several handkerchiefs produced from a board with a hole
61 The Automatic Release: method to perform string release on stage
66 With Four Coins: coins to hat for the stage
73 Prohibition: glass of wine turned to water
81 The Flower Cage: flower production from bird cage
85 A Borrowed Ring: borrowed finger ring vanishes from a box and appears visibly in picture frame
91 The Chest Of Chu Chin Chow: rice is poured into a box and vanishes
98 Blanc et Rouge: red blocks rearrange themselves in an instant to form a cross
105 The Candlestick Tray: an appearing candlestick
111 With A Billiard Ball: Billiard ball to matchbox
117 Jack Rose: a "drink" is mixed with silks that change into a single silk
122 The Wrist Stock: escape effect
129 The Rising Cards Again: cards are not forced and can be examined
135 The Borrowed Handkerchief And The Impenetrable Casket: handkerchief vanishes and is found in casket
143 The Crystal Card Trapeze: torn and restored card
150 An Instantaneous Rose-Bush: stage production
155 Divination: magician determines into which slot a metal bar is placed; can be repeated
162 Have A Smoke?: cigarettes and cigars appear instantly on a tray
167 Two At A Time: stage card effect
172 The Interrogatable Goblet: a glass answers questions

182 A Magical Appendix
182 Types Of Servante: two examples
184 Methods Of Palming Cards: for methods briefly shown
186 To Secretly Obtain A Silk Handkerchief: from a matchbox
187 A Black Art Table: example
188 Another Servante
189 The Coin Jar: coins fall into jar on command
191 "Le Tourniquet" Pass For Coins: sleight
192 The Use Of A Form: vanishing glass example, and others
195 Palming A Billiard Ball
196 The Pass: with cards
198 The False Shuffle: cards
199 The Force: using the pass