McAllister, Bob: Dot's Magic
1993 Bob McAllister
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 47 pages
Bob McAllister:
              Dot's Magic
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Comments: Decent book overall, but low production quality. I noted several typos, the text & drawings are only printed on one side of each page (thus the book is really only 24 pages), and one page in my copy is out of order. Comes with five "McDots", which are tiny rare earth magnets. I think I'm pretty good at following magic books, but I had trouble following the specific moves in several of the write-ups in this book. All of them can certainly be worked out, however, and there are some great ideas here for working with tiny magnets. Also, some of these routines could be performed without the aid of the McDots, which in some cases are used merely for ditching.


1 Introduction: care and storage of your McDots
3 Bob McAllister's Linking Rings: Use of a McDot to create a second "key" ring
7 The McAllister Dot Key Card: gimmicking a playing card with ideas for a card box and a special coin
9 Dot's Da Card: Spectator points to a selection in a fanned deck and the fan is closed. A coin is dropped in a shot glass, and the deck placed on top. Magician takes the deck and shot glass, and the coin vanishes from the glass to be found on top of the selection
11 Dot's A Coin Penetration: a marked coin is wrapped in a paper. A deck of cards is placed on a glass. The paper wad is smacked against the deck and the coin penetrates all into the glass
13 The Paper Fold (based on a concept by Dave Ossip)
15 Bob McAllister's Miracle Vanisher: idea to use McDots for "impromptu" vanishes
17 The McAllister Slice: a bill is balanced on a knife point, then the knife penetrates and rips the bill, but the bill remains unharmed. Bill can be borrowed.
21 Dot's Da Way to Vanish a Silk: a variation on the TT vanish
23 Dot's A Pennytration: a penny & dime transposition with the aid of a matchbook cover and a McDot.
25 Dot's a Squeaker!: making the squeaker easy to grab and ditch
27 Dot's a Mind Reading Assistant: a card is selected and shown to all the audience but not to the spectator. The card is handed to the spectator who is asked to name the unseen card. She gets it wrong, or so the audience thinks, but when the card is viewed it is seen to be correct!
29 Dot's A Card Box: selection vanishes from the deck and appears in the card box
33 Sawing a Lady in Half: a Queen card is folded in half lengthwise and covered with a piece of paper. The Queen is clearly ripped in two and the pieces separated, yet the card is restored.
45 Dot Was Smaller: Spectator selects a card, returns it to the deck, and pinches the deck between his fingers. Magician asks if the card is bigger or smaller than a ten, then yanks the deck from the spectator's hands. Spectator now holds a "smaller" card, which is a duplicate of the selection.
47 Dot's A Thought: More ideas for using your McDots