McCathy, George: Magic from the Dope Den
©1967 Micky Hades
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 65 pages
Magic from the Dope Den
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McAthy-Windsor Dope Sheet Ad
Advertisement for Tommy Windsor's
original Dope Sheet
*Micky Hades: Magic From the Dope Den

Comments: The Deceptive Order of Prestidigitorial Entertainers (DOPE) was a magic club formed by Tommy Windsor, and this is selection of magic from the club's newsletter, "The Dope Sheet", which was originally published between 1945 and 1948.

Contents (source book ToC)

4 About the Dope Den

5 Torrid Trickery
5 An Opening Trick by Tom Dowd
6 C. Steffensen's "Beauty Cream"
7 Billy McComb's Vanishing Wand
8 George McAthy's "Around the World Card Trick
9 Four Tricks by Tom Palmer
11 A1 Boyle’s Rabbit Vanish
12 Beaumont's Snake Puppet and Egg Wand
12 McAthy's Timely Version of the Card in Cigarette
13 Jack Beierle’s Flying Ring
13 Paul Gable's Electric Deck
14 Beaumont's Atomic Antics
14 Beaumont's Card Idea
15 Beaumont's "More Evaporated Milk"
15 Beaumont's Finger Stretching Gag
16 Beaumont's Comedy Parasol

17 Comedy Bits, Gags And Ideas
18 Beaumont's Random Ideas
20 Tom Palmer's Gags
21 More Ideas by Tom Palmer
23 Ideas by Douglas Francis
23 Ideas by Chuck Smith
24 Tips by Fields the Magician
25 Kolocotronis' Kute Kwickies
26 Price's Gaggery
27 Anderson's Ideas and Gags
28 Tom Dowd! Magic For Any Crowd
29 Bert Feinson's Ideas
30 Kolocotronis' Komedy for Konjurers
31 Ideas by Magnus, Sanders and Herman
31 Chuck Smith's Lota Bowl Gag
32 Ideas by Robert Orben

33 Patter And M.C. Material
34 George McAthy's M.C. Material
35 John J. Crimmins Jr.'s Card Gag
36 Jack Laments’s "I.O.U. Five Bucks"
37 Billy McComb's Running Gag
38 Beaumont's Laughable Card Idea
38 Bob Orben Patter Bits
39 George McAthy's Openers
40 George McAthy's Patter for Tricks
42 Yuletide Greetings by McAthy
42 More Xmas Chatter by McAthy
43 Patter Lines by Anderson
44 An Opener by Tom Dowd

45 Riotous Routines
46 McAthy's Light-Up Bow Tie
47 McAthy's Funny Munny Routine
47 McAthy's Houdini Egg Bag
48 Neal's Original Egg Bag Act
49 McAthy's Snake Pet
50 Hen Fetsch's Chopper Routine
51 Ed Weston's Shirt Tale Drama
52 Mel Navoe's 20th Century Routine
53 Ace Gorham's 6 Card Repeat
54 Mandroop's Chink Stick Finish
55 Great Gladstone's Dove Pan Routine

57 Cute Quickies From Everywhere
58 30 Comedy Ideas and Effects: through page 65