McAthy, George: Smart Talk For Magician's and M.C.'s
With Added Material

©1945 Tommy Windsor Studio, OH
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9",  34 pages
George McAthy: Smart Talk
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Smart Talk for Magician's and M.C.'s With Added
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George McAthy: Smart Talk for Magicians and M.C.'s

Comments: Book one of a series. Ideas, patter, and routines for props and effects you may already own, along with lots of comedy one liners and bits of business for your act.
This is the contents for the "With Added Material" edition; I'm not sure which entries are added, but the original was 20 pages long.

Contents (from book):

3 Photo: George - Mandroop - McAthy
4 Egg Bag: routine with a cigar
5 Six Card Repeat: patter
6 Soft Soap: routine and patter
6 Diminishing Cards: opening remarks for
7 Openings: about a dozen comedy opening lines
9 Random Remarks: six jokes for your act
10 Closing Lines: a suggested closing
10 Classified Patter: over 2 dozen comedy lines
12 Razor Blades: routine and patter
13 Oriental Vase: patter for the prayer vase that can be lifted with a rope, or in this case a chopstick
13 Grant's Cow Trick: for Grant's glass of milk production
14 Mandroop's Favorite: a comedy non-card trick
15 Paper Tearing: a comedy monologue
16 Manipulation: about a dozen one liners
18 M.C. Material: 14 or so M.C. comedy bits
20 Mac's Pet Business: clever fake pick-pocketing
21 Midget Vent Act: ventriloquist act
24 The Rabbit Letter: excuse for not having a rabbit in your act
25 12 Ways To Use The Comedy Lit Cigar: a clever cigar that can remain lit, likely not available anymore
29 New Card In The Cigarette: using two Comedy Lit Cigars
29 Mandroop's Opening: torn and restored story around a diploma
31 Club Chatter: comedy monologue
31 Billiard Balls: full routine and patter for multiplying balls
33 Advertisements: Tommy Windsor Studio books