McAthy, George: Smart Tricks for Magicians & M.C.'s
©1947 Thomas Lowry, Tommy Windsor Studio, Marietta, Ohio
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9.25", 39 pages

©1965 D. Robbins & Company, NY
smart tricks
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Comments: illustrated by Tom Reitze. Book Number Three of a Series. Book One is Smart Talk, and Book Two is Smart Business.

Contents (updated July 2017):

2 Publisher's Preface (Tommy Windsor)
3 Portrait of the Author
4 Uncle Charlie’s Vices: a routine you can make with dice, shot glass, small metal tube, and a sponge rubber ball
5 Tricks with a Bang - Gun: how to gimmick it
6 Assorted Asides: 32 comedy lines for your show
8 The Magician: comedy monologue
9 Dove Pan Routine: comedy routine around a Birthday cake
10 Patter for Afghan Bands
10 Livestock Case: plans for building
11 Whiskey from Where?: production that doesn't need the ball
12 Comedy Introduction: print out and hand to M.C.
13 8 Ball Medal: gag 8-ball turns into a medal
14 Patter for Fir Tree: patter for roll of paper turns into a fir tree
14 Cigarette Pack Tank: how to make a magical cigarette pack
16 M.C. Pipe: how to make this variation of the M.C. Cigar
16 Cute Quickies
16 - Frozen Cigarette
17 - Lota Gag
17 - Restored Sandwich
17 - Cigar to Stick Candy
17 - Idea for an Act
19 - Breakfast Set
19 - No Force Card Forcer
19 - Scotch Money Clip
19 - For Your Next Magic Club Meeting: magician gags
19 - Hot Whoofle Dust
20 - Vanishing Corn Cob Pipe
20 - Color Changing Tie
20 - Wand Gag
20 Shuffle Routine - Coast to Coast on a Bus: a flourishy card routine with patter
23 Threading Life Savers: how to make and full patter
24 Diminishing Soap: routine and how to make
25 Patter for Money Egg Bag: routine for Egg Bag as a Money Bag
26 Plastic Tumbler: cup of water is rotated 360 degrees on a sheet of plastic without spilling
27 M.C. Monobits: just over two dozen one liners and jokes
28 M.C. Stuff
28 - Saving for a Rainy Day: umbrella gag
29 - Pipe's Birthday: pipe gag
29 - Two Person Gag or Bit: comedy
29 - Four-In-Hand Bow: tie to bowtie
30 Scotchman’s Match Trick: making a match light twice
31 Mac’s Napkin Trick: torn and restored
32 El Ropo Grande: Cigar to rope
33 Classified Comment: over 50 more gags and comedy lines
36 Advertisement: Tommy Windsor Studio