Mendoza, John: Sequel To The Mendoaza Cups And Balls Routine
For Use With Morrissey Chop Cups & Balls Combination
1971-1980 Morrissey Magic Ltd.
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 6 pages

Comments: One of the few routines designed for the Combination cups and balls set. The Combo set is a 3 cup set, with one of the cups being a chop cup. This manuscript is designed as a follow on for "The Mendoza Cups and Balls Routine".


Introduction: routine is designed for magicians, and demonstrates additional possibilities with the combo cups and balls set.
1 Requirements: A combo cups and balls set is required.
1 Sleights: Cup to Cup Slide Move, Partial Slide Off explained
2 Phase I: 3 cups shown empty and placed in a row. Each cup is lifted to show a ball underneath
2 Phase II: Ball travels laterally from cup to cup
3 Phase III: middle ball migrates to the right cup
3 Phase IV: ball rises from under all 3 cups to a position between the 2 bottom most cups, and then under stringent conditions, rises to between the two top most cups.
4 Additional Move: similar to Han Pang Chien move for coins
5 Final Notes