Mentzer, Jerry: Close-Up Cavalcade Finale
1977 Jerry Mentzer
Hardcover, no dj, 187 pages
Mentzer: Close
              Up Cavalcade Finale
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Comments: Another great book in Jerry's Close-Up Cavalcade series. This one is still in print (as of Sep 2007) and available from Magic Methods. Includes some good salt & coin routines, a couple of Single Cup & Ball routines, and more. You're likely to find several items you'll use!


1 Introduction

3 Chapter 1: Salt and Shakers
5 Salt Routine: Salt vanishes and appears inside a pen (TT)
8 Salt and Sugar: sugar packet and salt shaker vanish from the hands (impromptu)
12 Ring Into Salt Shaker (Jerry Mentzer): borrowed finger ring vanishes and appears in a sealed salt shaker. Originally a commercial item.
16 Impromptu Ring Into Salt Shaker (Mentzer): another version using an ungimmicked salt shaker

21 Chapter 2: Coins
23 Elbow Swindle (Roger Klause): during a stunt of catching coins from the elbow, they vanish
30 Copper Silver Transposition (Steve Dusheck): forerunner of Steve's Slippery Sam
36 An Illusive Coin Switch (A. Berkeley Davis): switch while transferring a coin from one hand to another.
40 The Vanishing Chinatown (A. Berkeley Davis): a routine for the Chinatown set and using a mat
42 Jumbo Cards and Coins (Ray Mertz): a sort of "cups and balls" routine using Jumbo playing cards and coins
50 You Caught Me: 21 cents turns into 21 pennies (requires 21 cent gimmick)
54 Jumbo Coin Routine (Dan Tong): A US penny changes into a silver dollar, and the dollar the spectator was holding turns into a dollar sized penny. Then the penny grows to jumbo size, and then reverts back to normal.
58 Harry Milliken's Transposition: Two quarters are placed in one hand, and two halves in the other. With one squeeze, one quarter and half transpose. With a 2nd squeeze, the other quarter and half transpose (originally published in Wonderful Routines of Magic by Ellison Poland).

65 Chapter 3: Mental and Psychic
67 Psychic Power: ball of foil in a sealed bottle moves mysteriously
70 Double Mental Test (Jerry Mentzer): One of four coins is chosen and a number selected by choosing two playing cards is predicted by the contents of a wallet that has been in view for the entire effect (originally from Feb 71 Linking Ring)
76 Wrapped in Foil: performer determines which symbols are at the face of small packets of cards wrapped in foil

81 Chapter 4: Misc
83 Matchless (Warren Stephens): an empty matchbook is shown and matches suddenly appear
89 Dice Trick (Warren Stephens): The number rolled on a small die matches a large die covered with the hand, then the large die vanishes
93 Credit Cards: a variation of Bert Allerton's Crazy Cards performed with gimmicked credit cards
97 Paper Strip Restores (Jerry Mentzer): torn and restored paper strip with flash paper
103 Impromptu Three Ball Routine (Jerry Mentzer): done with three small paper balls, can be performed anywhere
110 Coin and Cord (Steve Dusheck): a Chinese coin "melts" off a velvet cord (you can make the gimmick)

119 Chapter 5: Cups, Cans, Containers
121 Cup and Ball Trio (Barry Govan): a one cup and balls routine using a dice cup (ungimmicked)
131 Three Shell Game (John Murray): a basic three shell routine with explanation of how to make the shells, and a recommendation for Jack Chanin's Hello Sucker book.
139 Beer Can Routine: another one cup and ball routine using a beer can, rolled up dollar bills, and features large load climax

145 Chapter 6: Paper Money
147 Borrowed Bill and Pen (Warren Stephens): a borrowed bill is accidentally burned and is found inside a pen held by the spectator
156 A Simple Copper-Silver Routine: a simple coin transposition trick in order to use a dollar bill for the above effect
158 Seeing is Believing Bill Tear: a convincing torn and restored borrowed bill. The spectator gets to unfold the torn bill and finds it whole. Several alternative approaches are suggested.
169 No Gaff Bill Tear: impromptu torn and restored bill with a single bill
173 The Seven Dollar Trick (Duke Stern): a five and two ones turns into three ones that are shown on both sides
181 Bill Antics (Dan Tong): two bills are folded in various manners and both bills are shown in one hand, suddenly one bill vanishes and there is one bill in each hand