Meyer, Orville Wayne: Magic in the Modern Manner
1949 Lloyd E. Jones
Hardcover, 184 pages

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Meyer Magic in the Modern Manner
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Comments ( 75 Illustrations by Majorie Meyer. "Includes extensive annotations and a new introduction by pro-magician and historian Ben Robinson...Not since Twelve Have Died has Ben Robinson been so explicit on the major work of bullet catching. If you want to know how Annemann did it, which you can see below, then this ebook is your sure answer. Since Twelve Have Died has been out of print since 1990, this is your best bet at this carefully guarded information."

Contents (from book ToC):

9 Preface
11 Introduction

13 Chapter 1:  17 Cutting The Aces
17 Restless Colors
22 Greatest Four Ace Trick (William Morton)
28 Correcting A Mistake
31 Do It Again
34 Paul Fox's Climax for "The New Torn and Restored Card"

37 Chapter II: Mental Mysteries
37 Pay Day
40 A Telephone Trick
43 - And Another
45 Seventh Card Mystery
50 Encore (Mosteller - Meyer)
55 Multi-Mentality
55 He Only Thinks (Eddie Clever)
59 Unseen (Eddie Clever)
60 The New "Miracle" Effect
62 The Principle Of Majorities

67 Chapter III: Novel Magic
67 Think! Ink!
72 Passe Passe Ink
73 Magical Strip Tease
74 Bathing Girl Illusion
78 The Cosmic Blue Ray
80 The Chinese Wands
84 Milk Bottle Levitation (Ed Rock)
85 Cokey Joe
87 Oh! Henry! Or: Lux With Him
88 "Do As I Do" Paper Tear
89 The Traveling Salesman (Bert Douglas)
91 Celebrity Telepathy

93 Chapter IV: Children's Specials
93 The Egg Bag
97 ?? Whereisit ?? (Lohrey - Meyer)

101 Chapter V: Catching A Bullet In The Teeth

115 Chapter VI: The Chinese Linking Rings
161 Floyd Brown's Bounce Link

165 Chapter VII: The Cups And Balls
171 Routine No 2

181 Chapter VIII: Magical Index Key