Miller, Gordon (Editor): Talk!
A Panormama of Professional Prose Palaver & Polished Poetical Patter
©1984 Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 80 pages
Miller: Talk! A Panorama of Patter
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Gordon Miller: Talk!

Comments: "This book is an edited, augmented and slightly abridged version of material which originally appeared as, Practical Patter by Percy Abbott, Patter Punches by Sol Stone, Routines in Rhyme by Bill West, Merrie Magical Chatter by Don Rogers, 202 Ways to Stop Hecklers by Otis Manning, and Punch and Judy by Sydney de Hempsey". Note, that most of the routines do not tell you how to do the trick other than a brief outline so you can match patter to actions.

Contents (from book; updated Dec 2017): 

1 Practical Patter (Percy Abbott)
1 Torn & Restored Napkin
2 Trickery: Abbott trick of pegs that vanish and appear elsewhere
2 Twenty-One Cent Trick (Sid Lorraine): standard gimmick
3 Nest Of Boxes: patter for coin in nest of boxes
4 Stupendous Production: patter for a production box
5 Vanishing Wand: paper shell
5 Egg Bag: patter for basic routine
6 Die Box: patter for the standard routine
7 Cut & Restored Rope: routine by Bert Douglas, adapted for Abbott's Encore Rope Trick
7 Confoundit Dollar: patter for this version of torn and restored bill
8 Mystic Vase Of The Orient: patter for vase that suspends from a rope
9 Rice Bowls: patter for standard routine
9 Multiplying Golf Balls: comedic patter
9 Metalism: patter for this penny, dime, and brass cover trick
10 Merry Mix-Up: rhyming patter for a card routine
10 The Pirate's Doubloons: patter for coins removed from ropes
11 Yellow Joe or The Gangster's Waterloo (Bert Douglas): rhyming patter
11 Bawden's Rice Bowls: patter for the Rice Bowls
12 Spook Lecture: a talk about Spiritualism and fraudulent mediums
13 Ventriloquist Dialog: comedic
19 Bits Of Patter: 11 introductions and other bits

16 Patter Punches (Sol Stone): one liners for various occasions
16 Alibis: for when a gag goes bad
16 Apartments
17 Applause & Laughter
17 Army
17 Automobiles
18 Childhood
18 Cigars & Cigarettes
18 Cities & States
19 Clothes
19 Coins
20 Dancing
20 Double Gags
20 Drinking
21 Eyes
21 Food
21 Games
22 General Patter
22 Girdles
23 Hair
23 Hecklers
25 Hollywood & The Movies
25 Horses
26 Hotels
27 Introductions
28 Inventions
28 Jobs
29 Looks
29 Love
29 Medical
29 Men
30 Newspapers & Books
30 Night Clubs
31 Orchestra
31 Radio
32 Restaurants
32 School Days
32 Swimming & Bathing
33 Teeth
33 Wives
33 Women

35 Routines In Rhyme By Bill West
35 Linking Rings: 6 Presentations for basic routine of adding one ring at a time for a chain of 8
35 - Isle of Mumbo Jumbo
35 - Hollywood
35 - Mayor
36 - Old Farmer Giles
36 - Trip to Space
36 - Baby Pram
37 Cut & Restored Rope: 7 Presentations, including simple cut and restored; Ted Collins' Rope Restoration; Edward Victor's Method; and Loop on Rope
37 - Vital Statistics
37 - Joe's Motor Car
38 - Skipping Rope
38 - Joe's Sash Cord
39 - Indian Fakir
39 - Christmas Story
39 - Fishy Tale
40 Egg Bag: 6 presentations
40 - Snappy Egg Bag Routine
40 - Baking a Cake
41 - Christmas Pantomime
41 - Egg Collecting
42 - Old Farmer Giles
42 - Buying Eggs
42 Multiplying Billiard Balls, Golf Balls, Soap Bubbles: 6 Presentations
42 - Multiplying Golf Balls
43 - Soap Bubbles
43 - Game of Marbles
43 - Game of Billiards
44 - Multiplying Balls
44 - The Planets
45 Giant Four-Ace Type Effects: 7 Presentations using Kings, Queens and Rabbit Cards; stand method, using double and triple lifts
45 - Four Little Boys
45 - Four Prime Ministers
46 - Four Little Boys
46 - Four Little Girls
47 - Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Jones
47 - Bunny Rabbits
47 - Bunny Rabbits and Top Hats
48 Cups & Balls & Ball 'n Beakers: 6 Presentations.
48 - Teacher
48 - Cousin Joe and His Sweetheart Mary Jane
49 - Santa Claus and Four Chimney Pots
49 - Robin Hood
50 - Br'er Rabbit and a Ferret
50 - Burglar Bill Chased by Cops

51 Merrie Magical Chatter By Don Rogers
51 A Legend: a line about magicians
51 Introduction
51 Comedy Opening Chatter: six openers
52 Trouble-Wit: patter based on Al Pearce on the radio broadcast
53 Multiplying Golf Balls: patter on the game of golf
53 Spirit Alarm Clock: Comedic patter for the clock that answers questions
55 Aerial Fishing: patter for snatching gold-fish out of the air
56 Cut & Restored Rope: patter around a dude ranch useful for any cut and restored rope
56 The Needle Trick: patter for threading needles in the mouth
57 Diminishing Pack Of Cards: comedic patter

57 Part Two Entertaining Children: advice on performing for children
58 Vanishing Wand & Wand From Purse: patter for this trick combination
59 Jumping Spoons & Breakaway Fan: patter for spoons that jump out of a glass
60 Poko Chinko: patter for this trick where disks and a ball are magically removed from a string
61 Productive Egg Bag: patter for a Net Egg Bag where the eggs keep appearing
63 Welsh Rarebit Pan: patter for ingredients dumped into hat and a rabbit production
64 Suggested Effective Tricks for Children: eight suggested children's tricks listed

64 Part Three The Magical Master of Ceremonies:  Suggestions, Gags & Bits for the Magical M.C.
65 Squelch: patter for vanishing Whiskey
65 Plucked Chicken: patter for Abbott's Rubber plucked chicken
66 Baffling Bloomers: patter for failed silk vanish
66 Cigarette - Matchbox - Silk Combination: routine described and patter suggested
67 Suggested Effective Tricks for M.C.s & Toastmasters: list of 5 tricks for M.C.'s

68 202 Ways To Stop Hecklers By Otis Manning
68 202 Heckler Stoppers: such as "Look! Young Abe Sinkin'" and "Barnum Said 'There's a Fool Born Every Minute.' Here's the Proof."

74 Punch & Judy (Syndey De Hempsey)
74 Complete Punch Dialog: featuring Punch, Dog Toby, Judy, Baby, Policeman, Joey the Clown, Crocodile, Ghost and Doctor
78 The Punch 'Call' Or Voice: How To Make It And How To Use It
78 Finish of the Show