Gordon Miller: Tops Treasury of Ball Manipulation
Miller, Gordon (editor): Tops Treasury of Ball Manipulation
©1999 Abbott's Magic Co., MI
Softcover, spiral-bound, 8.5x11", 105 pages
Gordon Miller: Tops Treasury Ball Manipulation
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Comments: "This book is an edited, augmented and slightly abridged version of material which originally appeared in the pages of TOPS Magazine and New Tops Magazine, over a period of time spanning January, 1934, through December, 1994." Illustrated with line drawings.

Contents (from book ToC, updated with descriptions Jun 2021):

1 Multiplying Golf Balls (Percy Abbott): routine for the standard set
4 - Mouth Ball Move
5 - Novel Four Ball Production
6 - Two To Four Ball Move
6 - Closed Fist Ball Move
6 - Last Ball Move
7 Golf Ball Routine (Tom Hubbard): using 3 balls & shell
8 Flash Billiard Ball Sleight (Cleveland Miller, Jr.): flash appearance of four balls, using shell
11 Color Changing Balls (Prince Drakon): ball changes color as dropped through the fist; uses two balls
11 Ball Production (Roxy, Jose A. Guerra): continuous production using two balls
12 Two Balls Vanish (Roxy, Jose A. Guerra): update of a MacCarthy vanish, using two balls
13 Subtle Vanish Of A Ball (Roxy, Jose A. Guerra): vanish a ball clipped between the fingertips
13 Rainbow Ball Routine (James Reneaux): uses a red and blue ball with corresponding shells
15 A Wrinkle For Rainbow Balls (Roxy, Jose A. Guerra): finale for the above
16 Billiard Ball Color Change (Roxy, Jose A. Guerra): on top of the fist, using two balls
17 - Second Variation
17 Ball Routine Flourish (Theodor Stein): while juggling, one ball appears and vanishes among three
19 Routine With Four Solid Balls (Con Rad): uses four balls and a dropper
20 Routined Ball Sleights (Roxy, Jose A. Guerra): a series of sleights set into a routine
22 Cigarette and Ball Routine (Roxy, Jose A. Guerra): an opener
25 Cigarette-Ball & Hank (Roxy & DeMacedo): cigarette in the fist changes into a ball
27 Billiard Ball & Silk Routine: routine outline, uses several dealer items
28 Change (Peter Warlock): color change, could be used as part of a Ball & Cone routine
30 My Favorite Pocket Trick (Fred C. Field): with a single, small ball
31 Tips On Ball Manipulation (Phil Quidart): backpalming
31 Shell Spinning (Vernet, Roberto E. Vergonjeanne): tossing the shell
34 BALL-OON (Al Faria): using a balloon as a fake billiard ball
36 Novel Effects With Billiard Balls (E.S. Vasileski): with red & white balls & a hat
37 - Two Handed Color Change (Walter B. Gibson)
37 - One Handed Color Change (Colin Donister)
37 - The Twirl Maneuver
39 Ball and Hat Trick (Roxy, Jose A. Guerra): using two balls and a shell
41 Billiard Ball Climax (Ken de Courcy): a platform comedy bit using a stand
41 Silk Gesture (Frank Csuri): production and vanish of a ball using a silk
44 Black Ball To White (Gus Ramage): black silk to black ball, and then a white one
46 Ball Transposition (Joseph T. Kenneally): ball appears in handkerchief, then vanishes to the mouth
47 Bali Transposition (Luedke): ball in mouth transposes with different colored ball on the table
48 Color Changing Billiard Balls (Richard Mathison): two colored balls transpose while held by spectator
48 Changing Balls...Improved (W.A. Fayton): another version
49 Ball Color Change (H.E. Goodwin): ball changes color as passed through a tube
50 Vanishing Billiard Ball (Mariano Palhinha): in a glass of water
51 Flash Billiard Ball Finish (Richard L. Piser): a way to dispose of the shell and produce two silks
53 Billiard Ball Vanish (Theodor Stein): vanish of four balls for the end of your routine
54 Ball Penetration (Karlin): through handkerchief
56 Ball and Hat Routine (Charlie Miller): two ping pong balls and a borrowed hat
57 Flight of the Billiard Ball (Kenneth Allen): ball transposition
58 Billiard Ball To Silks (Theodor Stein): balls are juggled and change to silks
60 Hooked Golf Balls (J.F. James): how to make the gimmick
61 Confetti To Ball (Russell Phares, Jr.): ball is formed from confetti
62 Zombino (Jeffrey Ruday): ball suspends in the air
62 Ball-Glasses & Silks (Doc Robert Hubert): ball transposition in glasses
63 Presto Four Ball Vanish (Roxy, Jose A. Guerra): four balls vanish in a paper tube, two methods
64 Bag Snap (Steve Davenport): how to use a paper bag to "catch" balls
65 Hole In Fore (Mr. Mack): physical stunt
65 Tomato Surprise (Eddie Victor): presentation for the multiplying balls, in red, with a Lota Bowl
66 Bag O' Balls (Sid Lorraine): colored balls placed in a bag, magician removes selected color, with full patter
69 Golfer's Dream (Kenro Nagura): 5 golf balls move from one box to another
72 Santa Sock Egg Bag Presentation (Dale Salwak): routine using Abbotts' Santa Sock Egg Bag
74 The Skeets -vBurgers (Dale Saiuiak): children's routine with Change Bag, Milk Pitcher, Billiard Ball stand, etc.
75 Overhead (Jeff James & John Allen): children's routine with a wooden clown, where balls transfer to clown's hat
78 Homing Balls (Ian Adair): two balls transpose inside a wooden box
79 Chameleon Ball (Joseph M. White): ball changes to different colors depending on silk covered with
80 Color Change Ball (Joseph M. White): quick color change for your ball and different colored shell
81 Ball Of a Different Color (Joseph M. White): another color change, ball can be examined afterwards
81 Billiard Ball Passe (Joseph M. White): blue ball in red silk transposes with red ball in blue silk
83 Giant Color Change With Silk (Robert E. Olson): for larger, 2" balls
85 Billiard Ball Change (Robert E. Olson): using a shell
86 Unprepared Silk Ball Production (Robert E. Olson): production of 2" balls from a silk that has been in use
88 Colorful Ball Routine (Jim Birdsall): using two balls
90 Ball Vanish (C.D. Smith): with a handkerchief
90 Confederate Ball Vanish (Robert E. Olson): two person ball vanish
92 Flourish Vanish (Robert E. Olson): with a silk
93 Second Bail Production (Robert E. Olson): no shell
94 Rosini's Billiard Ball Move (Robert E. Olson): showing both sides of the shell
95 No Gimmick Ball & Vase (Robert E. Olson): no shell
97 Ball Release (Ralph C. Mills): ball removed rom
99 Ping Pong Explosion (Robert E. Olson)
101 BONUS EFFECT: Perpetual Balls (Percy Abbott)