Morrissey: Combination Chop Cups & Balls
Morrissey Magic Ltd., Canada
Softcover, loose manuscript, 8.5x11", 3 pages
Morrissey: Chop Cup and Balls Combination Set
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Comments: Routine is in two parts - the Combo Routine and a separate Chop Cup routine as provided with Morrisey's Chop Cups. The Morrissey Magic Combo Cups and Balls set came in Large or Small size, in Aluminum or Copper. My set is Aluminum. The sets consist of one Chop Cup and two identical looking regular cups. While the cups are good for the price, there are a few shortcomings. The "top" of the inverted cup has only a very slight indent, allowing the balls to fall off easily. Also, there is not a lot of room between cups when nested, which is required for some routines. For a combo set, however, there are not many alternatives. The combo set comes with a four ball set, one ball is gimmicked for the Chop Cup. If you are going to purchase a set, the Copper Cups may be preferred. Although I have not seen them, the heavier weight is probably an improvement over the light aluminum cups.


1 Part 1: Chop Cups and Balls Combination
1 Introduction
1 Apparatus: 4 hand knit balls, one being gimmicked, 3 spin metal cups, one being a Chop cup
1 Basic Routine - Ideas - Tips - Hints - Suggestion, Thoughts, Afterthoughts
2 Going Into a One Cup, One Ball Routine
2 Finale
2 Other References

3 Part 2: Chop Cup
3 Apparatus: cup described, balls, and final load
3 Preparation
3 Routine