Mulholland, John: Quicker Than The Eye
1932 1st Edition Junior Literary Guild, NY
Hardback, 6x9", 259 pages
Mulholland: Quicker Than The Eye
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Quicker Than the
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Comments: The Magic and Magicians of the World; illustrated

Contents (Chapters Only):

15 Chapter I Peddlers of Wonders
37 Chapter II Of the Old World
53 Chapter III First Magicians in America
67 Chapter IV Books of Magic
79 Chapter V The Way You're Fooled
95 Chapter VI Eastern Magic
107 Chapter VII Holy Men and Jugglers
121 Chapter VIII The Red Man's Magic
131 Chapter IX Romany Tricks
141 Chapter X The Great Magicians
169 Chapter XI Those Who Get Not Their Living Thereby
183 Chapter XII Forecasting and Its Frauds
205 Chapter XIII A Modern Mountebank
251 Chapter XIV Near Royalty And Real