Clettis Musson: Situation Comedy for Magicians
Musson, Clettis: Situation Comedy for Magicians
©1954 Ireland Magic Co., Chicago, IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 52 pages

Later printed by Magic, Inc., Chicago, IL

Published in the UK by Supreme Magic
Musson: Situational Comedy
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Contents (from Trickshop eBook version, page numbers differ from original):

3 Introduction: on using comedy in performance
4 Bunny Cottontail: a children's routine with the spectator's trying to restore the rabbit's tail
8 Are You a Drinking Man? comedy bit with a special Baby Milk Bottle
9 Mousie: surprise appearance of a mouse
10 A Burst of Poetry: a quick M.C. comedy poem about college costs
10 Multiple Laughs: presentation for the coin in ball of yarn
12 Where is the Watch? watch vanishes from handkerchief and is found on spectator's back
14 Fun In the Miser's Dream: some comedy patter ideas for this well known coin production
15 The Queen Refuses: a couple of gags for the rising cards
16 Jacks Prefer Blondes: in case the failed rising card is a Jack
16 Tempus Fugit: Presentation for the Vanishing Alarm Clock
17 The Guillotine: comedy presentation for an Arm Guillotine
20 A Drink for the Kiddies: idea for tiny drinks
22 Well Done: gag with a Chick Pan
22 Heavy Work: comedy biscuit production
23 Clownish Nonsense: two gags
23 All Wet: children comedy with some water pistols
24 The Falling Wig: gag
24 Swallow That One: razor blade gag
24 A Great Shock: joy buzzer gag
25 A Bit Corny: corn gag
25 Close Enough: coaching children for comedy
26 Wand Power: big to small wand gag
27 Liquid to Beans: gag with milk pitcher and coffee beans
27 A Slight Mistake: addition to comedy burnt and restored handkerchief
28 Mouth It: comedy card revelation
29 You're Wrong: gag during the six card repeat
29 Wanderful!: comedy bit with small and large wand
30 The Cackle Does It: some gags for children and the egg bag routine
30 No Piker: gag with a roll of dollar bills
30 Flying Pasteboards: mechanism for cards flying in the air
31 Wrong Gun: some stage gun comedy ideas
32 A Bang: using bingo cap devices
32 Chatter-Chatter: comedy with Yakity Yak Teeth
33 What, No Pop?: spilled drink gag
33 Silly But Amusing: a card gag that looks like it will be a trick
33 Embarrassing Moments: comedy "tails" for jacket
34 Funny Business: comedy bit for small child
34 Not That One: when taking a card
35 It's Empty: comedy noisy shopping bag
35 Stung: how to make and perform 3 Card Stung trick with Jumbo cards
37 Roll Out the Barrel: M.C. bit for between magician acts
37 Dye to Die: one liner for dyeing the silks
37 No End: never ending rope gag
38 Hop Hop: raisin eating bit for young children
38 A Cigarette: a rising cigarette gag
38 Fast Count: comedy missing card from deck
39 Repeat Performance: comedy Ace production
40 Lighting a Candle: a not-so straightforward way to light a candle
40 The Better to See With: gags with Prism glasses
41 The Falling Hat: hat falls of your spectator
41 Good for a Laugh: cigarettes to cigars
41 The Banana: the zipper banana
41 The Magic Apron: as an aid for kid shows
42 Lighting a Match: lit from shoe
42 Water on the Brain: squeezing water from spectator's finger
42 Any String in a Pinch: cut and restored spectator's show string
43 A Laugh With Wanda: rising wand gag
43 It's In the Pips: 9 of clubs gag
44 Found Out: silk vanish gag
44 A Dangerous Effect: full comedy bullet catching routine
45 A Heavy Egg: audible gag
45 Laugh, Child, Laugh: giveaway to encourage laughter
45 Wobbly Candle: a comedy candle
46 The Junk Heap: producing tons of junk from spectator's pocket or purse
47 Bouncing Orange: quick gag
47 A Thief (?): M.C. Bit with silverware
47 Cracked: using a confetti egg
48 W-W-W-Wonderful: blowing out a candle gag
48 Long Winded: cotton gag
48 A Orange Laugh: comedy vanishing orange
49 Wrong Bag: generate a surprise at the 2nd bag bursting
49 Opening and Closing: using a skull with a moving jaw
49 Are You Married?: Kid show gag
50 Chest Out: physical humor for kids
50 Horrors!: comedy bit with a Halloween mask
51 A Kiss: gag for a small girl on stage
51 How to Get an Egg: stooge stunt
51 A Bad Egg: another confetti egg use
51 A Paper Shower: idea for liquid to confetti
52 Window Smaser: more audible gags
52 Any Coins: comedy bit for a kid on stage
52 Strung: gag with a strung or electric deck
52 Mishap: fake breaking of a saucer
53 Thud: heavy wand gag
53 It Won't Vanish: more gags with the wand
53 Time for Lunch: cigarette gag
54 Where's the Milk?: comedy ending to a vanishing milk
54 A Tip: comedy wand idea
55 The Funny Men: some additional comedy bits by Dorny, Ballantine, Ed Reno, etc.