Nathanson, Leon, M.D.: Slydini Encores
1966 Slydini Studio of Magic, NY
Hardcover, w/dj, 157 pages
              Slydini Encores
Image courtesy Gran-Houdini

Comments (Sparky): No line drawings in this book - just under 200 Photographs (199 to be exact) with Slydini teaching you, first hand, all his magic miracles. Book measures approx. 6 1/4"x9 1/4". Edited by Blanca Lopez.


8 Introduction (Cliff Green)
9 Thank You! (Slydini): September, 1966
11 Author's Preface (Leon Nathanson, M.D.)
13 Editor's Notes: Dr. Jacob Daley's directions for Slydini's"the Art of Using the Lap as a Servante"
25 Imp-Pass: utility move for close up objects
31 Revolve-Vanish: instantaneous vanish of object from the palm
35 One Coin Routine: using only one coin
47 Prediction in Red: magician predicts number of red cards in several packets
55 Capricious Cornucopia: rubber ball production from a magazine cone
63 - Have a Ball: variation to produce salt, sugar, or liquid from the cone
67 Ball Vanish In the Hands: with gimmicked billiard ball
79 Purse of Aladdin: sponge ball and purse frame
85 Long and Short of It: Starting Professor's Nightmare with a single length of rope
93 Wrong Way Coins: three coins penetrate up through the table to join three others (only 6 half dollars used)
99 Sweet Salt: salt vanishes, pours into spectator's hand, and changes to sugar
107 Interlude With a Paper Napkin: torn and restored napkin
115 Cigarette Re-Incarnation: broken and restored cigarette
125 Two Cigarettes From One: cigarette is broken in two, and each half transforms to a whole
137 Unpredictable Coins: coins across
145 Postscriptum: additional tip for Paper Balls Over the Head as described in Ganson's The Magic of Slydini
149 Thumb-Tipping: approach to a thumb-tip vanish in a silk