F.B. Nightingale: Magic for Magicians
Nightingale, F.B.: Magic for Magicians
©1964 F.B. Nightingale, Knight Pub. Co., Skyforest, CA
Hardcover, no d/j, 304 pages
Nightingale the Mystifier: Magic for Magicians
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Contents: (from book ToC)

5 Introduction (John Henry Grossman)
6 Autobiography
33 Tribute to a Sphinx
97 Curtain Time
105 Dedication to the Art
107 The Hands of a Magician
113 An Adventure with Butterflies
122 Evening of Chinese Magic
126 Episode at Six Harmony Pagoda
136 High Finance in Rice
140 The India Rope Trick
143 In Desert Sands
145 A Head-Hunting Audience
154 Impromptu Effects
170 Self Protection
177 Autobiography Secrets
190 An Act in One
196 Hypnotism
202 Coin Manipulation
209 Billiard Ball Sleights
243 Magic with Silk
249 The Drum Flag Production
254 Handkerchief from a Candle Flame
255 Keller's Dancing Handkerchief
256 Ribbon Production
257 Handkerchief from a Match
258 Orange, Handkerchief and Ring Mystery
261 How to Make Silk Flags
262 "Watch-it!"
268 The Invisible Eggs
271 The Egg-Bag and Chicken
278 Glass of Water Through a Hat
283 The Hat that Leaked
284 The Victorious Card Cut
289 Perfection in Rising Cards
292 Card in the Candle Flame
294 A Mechanical Assistant
296 A Leaky Pack of Cards
299 A Baffling Ring Effect
302 A Real Thriller