Norman, Karl: Here's How
1985 Collector's Workshop
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 51 pages
Here's How
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Comments: Lots of good stuff in this small volume. Excellent routining. Some line drawing help explain details. I believe it has been reprinted as Forty Years at the Forks, which possibly has additional material.


1 An Invitation to Join Yet Another Group: about Collector's Workshop
2 Publisher's Note: about Karl Norman
3 Table of Contents
4 Card on the Ceiling: with rubber band around deck
8 Change for a Quarter: Torn/restored card tranposition
10 Coin In the Bottle: uses a regular half, folding half, and a penny
15 My Coin Collection: Copper Silver Brass Transposition using a CSB set and an Okito box
19 Sympathetic Match boxes (commercial props & ribbon thru steel plate matchbox)
22 Multiplying Rabbits: Spongeball routine for sponge rabbits. Uses 3 adults, 6 children
24 Polish Rocket: gag using burning napkin
25 Impromptu torn & restored cigarette: originally in Linking Ring June 1972
27 Bill In Cigarette: explains device you can make for tightly rolling the bill
31 Color Changing Knives: based on Matt Schulen routine, uses 4 knives (Black, White, Black/White, Black/Red) and holder to help tell sides apart.
34 Ring Flight: Reel version performed without a jacket.
37 The Linking Pins: uses a gimmicked and regular safety pin and a handkerchief:
41 The Three Shell Game. The Karl Norman Routine. Uses brass cups, can be used with standard shells. This was available as a commercial item. In four phases with a shot glass climax.
47 The Carnival Loop Routine: A routine for "The Endless Chain", "Loopy Loop", or "Chain of Chance". Includes comedy, fake knot, etc.
51 About Collector's Workshop