Novak, John: The Egg Bag Book
1999 Stevens Magic Emporium
Softcover, perfect-bound, 8.5x11", 105 pages
The Egg Bag
Image from MagicRef

Comments: Good coverage of the Egg Bag and history, though the style seems kind of "rambling". Each section provides descriptions, tips, historical tidbits, performance ideas, and so forth.


2 Introductory Remarks: Historical references and commentary on the Egg Bag

6 Major Types of Egg Bags: Brief discussion of the four main types (Sterling, Standard, Malini, and Tarbell Egg Bags) and their variations
8 Concerning the Illustrations: Drawing and description of a "basic guide" to Egg Bags
10 The Bag of Three Hundred Years Ago: More history, with a drawing.
15 The Standard Egg Bag: Japanese Egg Bag as described in Hoffmann's Modern Magic with drawings.
19 Production Egg Bag Routine and Basic Modern Hide & Seek Routine: short descriptions
20 The Standard Egg Bag: Full Pocket
22 The Standard Egg Bag: Full Pocket, short slit
24 The Tarbell Egg Bag
28 The Sterling Bag, The Mardo Bag, and the Highpocket Bag
39 The Charlie Miller/Max Milini Egg Bag
43 An Alphabetical Listing of Egg Bags
57 The Incredible Edible Egg: tips on selecting an Egg
58 The Egg Preparation: Blowing your own
67 Egg Pun Eggplanation: Puns to use during your routine (aren't you eggscited?)

67 Routines
67 A Short Classical Routine
69 Modification of the Above Sequencing
71 The Mummy and Sarcophagus Egg Bag Routine (uses Abdul's Fez)
78 Japanese Egg Bag Routine for Little Kids
83 Club Act Egg Bag Routine

87 Moves, Ploys, Diversions and Other Sneaky Things to Do (color change, egg on fan, etc.)
90 Notable Performers who Have Used the Egg Bag: list of performers
93 Annotated Bibliography: A "random sampling"
101 Videos That Include Egg Bags
103 Egg Bag Seamstresses
104 Final Thoughts