Orben, Robert: Patter for Standard Tricks
©1954 Louis Tannen, NY
Softcover, saddle-stitched 5.5x8.5", 51 pages
Robert Orben: Patter for Standard Tricks
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Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Suitcase To Table
2 Dove Pan
3 Nickels To Dimes
4 Clippo
5 Six Bill Repeat
6 Diminishing Card
7 The Egg Bag And I
8 Chinese Rice Bowls And Foo Can
9 Candy Factory
10 Six Card Repeat
11 Multum In Parvo And The Milk Pitcher
12 Patter For Rubber Goods
13 Knife Through Coat
14 Ball In Vase
15 Sophisticated Soft Soap Or Dye Box
16 Passe Passe Bottles
17 Squeezaway Block
18 Double Paper Tear
19 Finger Guillotine
20 Ribbon Fantastique
21 Sponge Ball To Rabbit
22 Anti-Gravico
23 Soft Diamonds
24 Dialogues For Doubles (Or Vents)
25 Classified Patter
26 What To Say When The Laughs Go Away
27 Magical One-Liners
28 What To Say To A Girl With Obvious Physical Attributes
29 Magicdotes
30 Heckler Stoppers
31 Female Heckler Stoppers