Ouellet, Gary: Classy Close Up
©1980 Gary Ouellet, Camirand Academy of Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 14 pages
Classy Close Up
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1 The Staging Of A Close-Up Act

3 Effects:
3 The Incredible Vanishing Deck
3 The Flying Imp Pass
3 The Sneaky Peak
4 The Impossible Thimble Vanish
5 The Miracle Signed Card Trick: signed selection found in coin purse
5 The Rear Shift Lap
6 The Ring And Rope Routine
8 Gary's Coin Vanish
8 The French Canadian Drop
10 Coins
10 Little Boxes
10 The Gravity Clink Pass
11 The Invisible Transformation Factory
11 The Mathematical Trick
12 Magic Photography: using a Magicube
13 Stamp Out: gag for smokers
13 Crystal Box
13 Okito
14 Masters of Magic Variations