Page, Patrick: Patrick's Pages of Magic
©1976 Magic, Inc.
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8", 33 pages
Patrick's Pages of
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Comments: An assortment of tricks from the repertoire of Pat Page, but together for his Spring 1976 lecture tour in the United States.


3 Tambo Tambo: using a tamborine in a Benson Bowl routine
7 Caledonian Card Capers: first card routine Patrick devised
7 - The Bottom to Top Double Cut
9 A Koran Trilogy:
10 - The Al Koran Rising Card Routine: two cards rise from deck in the glass, and the third rises in the hand
11 - The Al Koran Ball Routine Climax: ending for the John Scarne 3 ball routine
12 - The Al Koran Thimble Routine: climax only for an 8 thimble routine
14 Ten Thoughts on Close Up Magic
14 - Spellbound Climax: coins
14 - The Hop Production: producing a coin on the left palm
16 - Lighter Thru Table: cigarette lighter
16 - The Purse Switch: coin switch using a small purse
17 - The Sponge Ball Move: variation for two in the hand and one in the pocket
17 - The Bottom to Top Doublecut
19 - An Impromptu Puppet
20 - Open Travellers: variation of Jennings' effect
21 - The Four Aces (again?): an idea
21 - One, Two, Three - It's Yours: method of revealing a card
23 Cards to Pocket: 12 cards travel one at a time
24 The Topit Vanisher: briefly described
25 The Colour Changing Handkerchief: sucker color change
26 The Multiple Colour Change: card continuously changes face value
27 The 'Pageboy' Ball Vanish: for billiard ball
28 The 'Pageboy' Card Switch: card exchange
29 The Unknown Soldier's Card Trick: humorous card trick
30 The Sexy Coin Trick: coin production
31 The Davenport Deception: card under a coin changes to selection in a flash
32 The Incomplete Coin Miracle: coin pulled through a handkerchief, but has one flaw you need to work out!