Pecor, Charles: Off the Wall with the Wizard
©1975 Charles Pecor
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 8.5x11", 19 pages
Pecor: Off the Wall With the Wizard
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Comments: type-written detailed lecture notes, no diagrams but fully understandable.


1 The Hymen Saunders Memorial Miracle: coins across, no gimmicks
3 The Odd Coin From Birmingham: four different coins pass thru table, uses 5 coins
6 The Granch-Nerd Sequence: three card effects that can be performed individually or as a series
6 - The Fatal Hour
9 - The Authentic Antique Japanese X-Ray Tube
11- The Karate Chop Routine ( marketed effect so not described, see Linking Ring Aug 1973)
12 Some Thoughts On The Shell Game And An Interesting Move: with a slightly gimmicked shell
13 Stud Finder - A Risible Card Location: a stud finder locates a card
14 The Portable Ash Tray: with a vanishing cigarette (requires an assistant)
16 Instant Cow: a visual and slightly magical effect for the stage
18 Watch Out!: Broken and restored borrowed watch: uses an egg bag amongst other props