Pecore, Joe: A Sonata of Magic
2000, Joe Pecore
E-Book, 63 pages
Pecore: A Sonata
              of Magic
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Comments:  Joe Pecore wrote this book some years ago and had donated proceeds to it to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I'm not sure of its current availability. You can still find a link to it at, but the link this takes you to is not longer working (Nov 2009) and I don't have any contact info for Joe.

A Sonata of Magic contains A nice collection of effects. Not for the beginner as there are no illustrations and most moves are not explained (they can be found in most magician's libraries). Good references are provided for the origin of effects and for moves. Recommended, especially for the cause!


3 Prelude: dedication
4 Disclaimer: not a beginner's book
5 Table of Contents
6 Overture: Introduction by Joe Pecore, August 2000

9 Movement #1 - A Rhapsody of Close Up Magic
9 Two Heads are Better Than One: Make a regular quarter into a two headed (or tailed) quarter
11 Magnetic Pen Variation: A quick method to lengthen the beginner's trick of levitating a pen from your palm
13 My Reverse Matrix: Coins begin to assemble under one card, then instantly appear back where they started
16 Lee Sailer's Three More Coins Across: Coins across with only three coins
19 Dueling Linking Rings: a quick idea for a double magician performance
20 Restaurant Refrain (Idea): a quick idea for a double table card revelation

21 Movement #2: A Concerto to Card Magic
21 YACTIL (Yet Another Card to Impossible Location): signed card found folded up inside card case
23 Big Bad Wolf: Ace assembly routine to the plot of the Three Little Pigs
29 Card Metamorphosis (A Close-Up Substitution Trunk): Top card changes places with another card sandwiched in the deck
31 Let's Do the Twist (Bizarre Twisting of the Aces): Aces turn face up, one Ace changes back color
33 Dancing Cheek to Cheek (Turn the Other Cheek): Half deck face up mixed into half face down, and cards are spread. Spectator turns one card over and deck is squared. Spectator's card turns out to be only card reversed!
36 Signed Mates: Two spectators each select a card, sign it, exchange cards, and sign new card on the back. Cards are returned to deck and then located: signatures on back have disappeared, and appeared on the exact mates of the cards.
39 Wild "Roy"-al Color Monte Symphony: A combination of Roy Walton's "Roy"-Al Monte, Temple's Color Monte, and some "Wild Card" moves
42 The Invisible Deck and Si Stebbins Duet: Two decks shown. Card is selected face down in one deck, deck is turned face up, and card is inserted, still face down. The second deck is shown to have one card already reversed. It is compared with the first deck, and the cards match.
44 Wild Thing (Another Wild Card Routine): Jack of Clubs changes an Ace, Two, and Three of Diamonds all to Clubs. Then the Jack changes to Diamonds.
46 The Marvin L. Turnover Move (An Ambitious Card Move): Marvin originally provided this on
47 The Magician's Headache Ambitious Card Routine: uses Marvin L. Turnover move
49 Dancing (with a Clean Ending for an "Eight Card Brainwave"): Ending only, Brainwave not explained

51 Interlude: How About This?
51 Human Linking Rings idea using Rope releases
52 Get a Clue (Idea): using the game Clue for a psychic challenge.

54 Movement #3 - An Ode to Stand-up Magic
54 $1 and$10 Waltz (A Transposition): A dual magician torn bill transpo
55 Party on the P.A.T.E.O.!: Several spectators hold cards and are asked to sit down by yourself and another spectator. Spectator left holds predicted card.

57 Interlude: How About This?
57 Play Dough Cups & Balls (Idea): several good ideas by Steve Schneiderman and Joe.
57 Hard Touch: play dough ball turns instantly to stone
58 Bounce, No Bounce Play Dough: variation of above
58 Play Dough: money found inside!

60 Conclusion: contact info, donating to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
61 Fiinale: Credits & References
62 My Bookmarks: Recommended web-links
63 About this Ebook: Information about EbookoMatic.