Collins Pentz: Everybody's Magic
Pentz, Collins: Everybody's Magic
©1943 Eagle Magic Factory, MN
Softcover, staple bound, 8.5x11", 20 pages
Collins Pentz: Everybody's Magic
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Comments: "Contains 59 Tricks, Stunts And Secrets"

Contents: (from advertisement in The Sphinx, numbers are not page numbers):

1 A New Card Trick
2 The Smoke Trick
3 The Mysterious Beans
4 Vault or Safe Escape
5 New "Poke" Handkerchief Vanish
6 Spirit Handkerchief Production
7 The Haunted Phonograph
8 Superior Rising Cards
9 Crystal Tube Vanish
10 New Handkerchief Palm
11 Modern Mind Reading Supreme
12 Dancing Handkerchief
13 Pretty Flower Stunt
14 Coins Dropped Into Tumbler Vanish
15 New Egg Bag Trick
16 How to Make Ink Tablets
17 New Kitten Trick
18 New Bill and Lemon Trick
19 A Card Forcing Tip
20 How To Make Colored Fires
21 Magic Fire Writing
22 How to Make Flash Paper and Thread
23 Paper Ribbon From Empty Hands.
24 Original Bill Levitation
25 Spirit Table Lifting Trick
26 Handkerchief Changing To Flowers
27 Guesso Card Trick
28 A Clever Card Change
29 The Hilliar Card Pass
30 The New French Drop
31 A Good Trick "Blindfold"
32 Color Changing Tie
33 Clever Message Detection
34 A Simple Hat Production
35 The Magnetized Hat
36 Fire Proof Paper
37 Challenge Packing Case Escape
38 Wine and Water Trick
39 Simple Bill Detection
40 Cards From Pocket Trick
41 New Card Location
42 Playing Card To Confetti
43 Light A Candle With Ice
44 Novel Ball Production
45 New Spirit Slate Writing
46 Novel Paper Tearing Trick
47 The Card In The Class
48 A Neat Card Trick
49 Back Hand Rope
50 The Handkerchief Production
51 Mindreading Wrinkle
52 The Wandering Handkerchief
53 Practical Card Location
54 Red or Black Cards
55 Clever Cigarette Production
56 Silk Vanish In Wine Class
57 Clever Handcuff Release
58 Clever Handkerchief Color Change
59 Clever Band Box Escape