Pierce, Lance: Roger Klause In Concert
1991 Roger Klause; L&L Publishing
Hardcover, w/dj, 254 pages
Pierce: Roger
              Klause in Concert
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Comments: Very detailed explanations with numerous B&W photographs. Rather than just a book of tricks, "In Concert" is meant as a training tool in finesse and analysis. It discusses the concept of the "half-move", to take the heat off of sleight of hand.


i Jazz Notes: intro by Michael Skinner with B&W photographs
iii Random Bars...: intro by Lance Pierce

v Overture
vii Songs of Merlin: Is magic more musical or is music more magical? On the art of magic. Provides an overview of the routines, and how each fits into the "symphony"

1 In Concert

1: Principia Magicus I - Changing the Moment: essay on the principle of hiding a sleight through half-moves

5 Opus 1: Tipping the Light Fantastic (a cantabile)
7 The Miser's Cornucopia: suitable for restaurant work, the magician produces a stream of 10 dimes from a rolled up dollar bill
15 Smokeless: a comedy cigarette routine in which the lit match is put out in the hand and the cigarette vanished. Even if you don't smoke, provides good tips on the use of the TT
23 Letter from Daryl
25 The Sponge & Sleeve: a sponge ball vanishes and travels up the spectator's sleeve. This handling is different than that found in Michael Ammar's Encore III.
33 Letter from Gary Kurtz
35 Letter from David Williamson

37 Principia Magicus II - Fundamentally Speaking & The Secret Aide: essay on psychology, fundamentals, and the use of gaffs
45 Letter from Bill Malone

47 Opus 2: Changes (a rondo in six-part harmony)
49 The $100.00 Bill Change: Roger's classic effect, utilizing a TT. This description is improved over the one in Ammar's Encore III. Learn this one before trying the other effects in this chapter.
57 The Torn & Restored Bill: based on the Bill Change
60 Letter from John Moehring
63 Even Money: A borrowed twenty is split into two tens
65 Cheque: a $20 check is changed into a $20 bill
68 Letter from Max Maven
69 The Chimerical Bill: a $100 Bill materializes only to vanish away again. Uses Michael Skinner's Spider Vanish
75 Billusion: an "imaginary" one dollar bill is removed from a purse frame, and becomes a $100 bill. The bill is then folded and placed back in the purse frame, where it becomes imaginary again
81 Letter from David Roth

83 Principia Magicus III - Management: moving naturally and with motive

87 Opus 3 - The Operator (a suite in four cavatinas)
89 The Operator: an extensive money routine in which the betting magician keeps making right decisions, but loses anyway. Requires quite a few props: coin purse, Two Copper/One Silver coin set, half dollar, English Penny, Mexican Centavo, TT, Money Clip, $5 bill, $1 Bill, and a gimmicked $1 Bill. Performed in multiple phases, each stronger than the last. Requires use of the bill switch technique. Includes an additional humorous idea by Michael Skinner.
105 Letter from Jon Racherbaumer

107 Opus 4 - Tools (etude: one through eight)
109 The Soft Double: Roger's approach to the double lift
113 Double Down: turning face down two cards face up after a double lift
115 Letter from Darwin Ortiz
117 The Breakout Display: deck is displayed as though no break could be held, yet it is
120 Letter from Larry Jennings
121 The Automatic Block Transfer: an imperceptible transfer of a card or block of cards from the center of the deck to the top during a riffle shuffle
124 Letter from John Kennedy
125 The No-Count Zarrow: an approach to the Zarrow shuffle in which the exact number of cards held back does not need to be counted
129 Letter from Steve Forte
131 The Bluff Bluff Pass: the Bluff pass extended
133 Framed: four silver coins are extracted from a coin purse, and then a copper. Sequence can be used as part of a larger effect. Performed seated, with spectators to your sides.
137 Going South: a destroyed and restored bill routine using a Terry Seabrooke wallet and included routine. The full routine is not described here, just some of the wallet workings.
142 Letter from Dan Garrett

145 Opus 5 - Finished Works (a medley)
147 Triple Play: a three coins across routine (using a shell)
153 The Bantam-Weight Card: a comedy bit in which the selection turns momentarily into a miniature copy and then back to normal (uses one miniature card)
159 Turnabout: selection appears face up in the deck although the spectator seemingly does all the deck manipulation
162 Letter from Scott Hollingsworth
163 What's Good for the Goose Is...: a "couples" routine in which each reads the mind of the other using a deck of cards
167 The Chinese Quartet: a linking ring routine using four rings (key, solid, and set of two). Performed while reciting a poem, and designed to be followed by the Whit Haydn comedy Linking Ring Routine (the Haydn routine is not explained as it is a commercial item)
183 Letter from Steve Freeman

185 Principia Magicus IV - Major Minor: essay on how the whole is made up of many smaller parts
188 Letter from John Cornelius
191 Letter from Paul Harris

193 Opus 6 - Three Classics (a fugue)
195 Red & White: a color changing silk routine utilizing a dye tube. Provides an alternate ending using a TT.
207 Letter from John Carney
209 Through the Looking Glass: Roger's approach to Ring Flight. Uses a reel based key case, a duplicate case, and a small magnifying lens.
215 Letter from Paul Gertner
217 Ringmaster: a Himber ring routine in which three wedding bands are linked and unlinked with the aid of a pencil
231 Letter from Joe Stevens

233 Opus 7 - Histories (coda)
235 Bibliohistory: a listing of Roger Klause in print
241 Letter from Tony Devine
243 Debt of Gratitude: final thoughts and credits by Roger Klause
253 Author's Last Word: Lance Pierce