Racherbaumer, Jon and Edward Marlo: Arcade Dreams, Marlo Without Cards
1997 Racherbaumer and Kaufman, Kaufman and Company
Hardcover, w/dj, 202 pages
Arcade Dreams
              Marlo Without Cards
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Comments: Illustrated by Joseph K. Schmidt, Photographs by Fredde Lieberman. Line drawings throughout. Egg Bag routine utilizes clear B&W photographs. Good book, showcasing many of Marlo's effects that didn't use cards!

Contents  (from book):

9 Prelude: History and anecdotes about Marlo
13 Foreword (Bill Simon): a little more about Marlo
15 Introduction: and more

17 Coin Connivery
18 S.O.C.: Okito Box Copper and Silver routine. Uses C/S coin and no flipover move. Teaches Simplex Spellbound Change
25 Spider Vanish: of a coin
26 Gaffless S.O.C.: Okito Box and no gaffed coins. Teaches One Hand Coin Box Turnover
31 Copsil: Copper and Silver transposition in spectator's hand. No gaffed coins. Uses a pen
34 Standup Copsil: as above, no table needed
36 Copper and Silver: Half and English Penny transposition routine. Uses Half, English Penny, and two C/S coins
39 Marlo's Coin Fold: The fold, and vanishing a coin from the fold in various ways
43 Coin Fold Magic: Shrinkage. Half turns into a dime in the paper fold
44 Coin Fold Magic: Wrapping up Copsil. Copper and Silver transposition using coin fold and only two coins
45 Coin Fold Magic: Solid Soft Solid Gone. Also, using for "Pennytrate" handling
47 Coin Fold Magic: Hand Penetration. Coin placed in paper penetrates paper and hand.
48 Pencil-A-Coin: Coin vanish using a pencil or wand
49 Ampilus Nickles: Thieves and Sheep using 8 coins in three phases
53 The Sound of One Coin Clinking: Coin through the table into a glass, uses only one coin
55 Hitch Your Wish to a Star: Four halves change one at a time into copper coins and are tossed into a makeshift well (deck of cards and rubber band). Then the well is lifted, the coppers have turned back into half dollars. Uses English Penny shell.
59 Way Ahead Coin Assembly: Matrix using two ahead and two coin pickup move
62 Pop Up Coins Across: pop up move used in a coins across routine

65 Arcade Dreams
66 Colorful Vision: A four phase approach to the effect "color vision"
72 Reverse Red Snapper: an effect using a "snapper"
74 Duplex Ball and Vase: A Ball and vase (small style) routine
78 Poor Man's Locked Key Routine: Uses inexpensive linking rings gimmicked in a "new" way
82 Paddling the Nude: a risque paddle routine
84 The Magic Frame: an interesting variation of the Buddah Papers
87 Fortunatus: A routine using the S.S. Adams' penny shell and a matchbook
90 German Passe Passe Cups: routine using these cups
92 When the Pull Snaps!: Borrowed ring travels to other hand, or onto wand, into wallet, etc.
95 Diminishing Golf Ball: Golf Ball shrinks then vanishes
97 30th Century Silk Handkerchiefs: Two handkerchiefs are placed in a bag, a third is shown. Magician announces he will cause the single handkerchief to vanish, and become tied between the two in the bag. Instead, the single turns into two, and the third is found in the bag.
100 Bill In Potato: using the tubes from the "Ball and Tube" trick

103 Bar Magic
104 A Barkeep's Intermezzo: an almost impromptu single cup and ball routine using a napkin covered glass, a rolled up bill, and a rubber egg
111 A Brief History of Dice Stacking: a brief history
112 Primal Dice Stacking: the basics, and an outline of Tony Platt's routine
116 Ring on Stick: requires duplicate or similar 2nd ring
122 Ring Ware: Ring and wand using a dinner knife and a borrowed ring
125 Super Pins: a linking safety pins routine
132 Windy City Sponges: Four regular sponges, three smaller sponges, a handkerchief, and a surprise load. Splitting one to two, Genuine pass (the Ten Count), False Pass, etc.
136 Marlo's Magic Knot: False knotting two handkerchiefs
139 Marlo's Thumb Tie: Thumb tie escape. Not a full routine.
141 Chicago Salt Pour: nice method for an "impromptu" appearing salt pour from a salt shaker cap.
143 Flash Bill Routine: Bill is sent up in a flash in an attempt to "expand it" with heat. Ashes are restored to the original bill.
145 Dice Assembly: Four dice in a matrix assemble under a hat
148 Utility Switch: billet or other small object switch
149 Prediction Total: Simple prediction of the total of the dates of four borrowed quarters. Uses Utility Switch above
150 State-Street Cups and Balls: Uses sponge balls, three large loads, a wooden egg., and three metal cups. Introductory Sequence (Optical Penetration Cup Through Cup), a sponge is magically produced while the cups are stacked. Sponge ball penetrates pocket, and then each cup. The single ball multiplies to three. Balls placed under cups all move to center, then back to all three cups. Center ball travels to end, then those two to other end. Balls placed in pocket reappear in cups. Balls in pocket reappear in center cup. Balls under each cup travel to end. Balls vanish, and large loads appear under each cup. As the cups are cleaned up, an egg appears under one cup.
160 Windy City Phase: A cups and balls "phase" using sponge balls to be used in a larger routine.Three sponges are placed in the center cup, a Three Shell Game type move is performed, and two sponges leave the center and appear under each end cup.
162 Jam It! A "Chop Cup" type maneuver using a sponge ball and standard cup
164 Chop Cup to the Max: A three cup routine using THREE Chop Cups. Short and concise.
165 Tea for Three: Impromptu cups and balls using tea cups and paper balls and incorporates three loads.
170 Silver Spheres: small ball routine using four rolled up aluminum foil balls. Four phases
181 Three Ring Classic: 3 ring routine using a single ring, key, and one oversize ring.
185 Egg Bagatelle: a full egg bag routine. Uses either Jack Miller, Tarbell, or Sterling Egg Bag. Two solid eggs, two rubber eggs, rubber band, rubber beer bottle, regular beer bottle. Complete detailed routine with B&W photographs throughout.