Racherbaumer, Jon: Jay Sankey Unleashed
©2004 Squash Publications
Hardcover, w/dj, 178 pages
Racherbaumer: Sankey Unleashed
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Comments: Edited by David Acer, Illustrated by Earle Oakes. This is a great collection of Sankey's quirky magic. Lots of stuff to add to your repertoire. Many can be intermixed in your current routine, such as a pen cap turning solid, a rubber band shot into the air and returning to the deck, and so forth. Lots of clear illustrations and well written by Mr. Racherbaumer. Recommended.


iv A Trick Question: Essay, 12 Characteristics of a good trick

1 Back in Time: (Slop Shuffle; Sid Lorraine) Deck is mixed face up and face down, then rights itself and the “wrong” selection turns out to be correct.
3 Fragile Harbor: (Erdnase Change - S.W. Erdnase) A ship and a bottle are drawn apart on an Ace of diamonds. With a pass of the hand, the ship appears inside the bottle!
5 Leaving Home: (Striking Vanish - David Williamson) A key is removed from a looped shoelace and is instantly thrown back on.
8 Big Time: A selection matches a Jumbo card
10 Slick Splits: A coin is split into 2 coins three times
12 Push Button: (Versa-Pitch; Coin Roll Hang Ping Chien; Pop Outs - David Roth) Four coins “pop-up” off the back of a card case at the push of an imaginary button on the case
16 Hot Tomato: Quick production of two small tomatoes from a packet of seeds
18 Wichita Slip: a nice slip force
20 Wham Barn!: (Vernon Strip-Out Switch) Four cards are chosen and turn out to be “marked” with huge letters on the back; the rest of the deck is found to be blank.
22 Unscrewed: A borrowed dollar is twisted and unscrewed into two pieces, then restored
25 Divine: Magician successfully removes a selection from one half of the deck into the other half of the deck
26 Forbidden Fruit: A stick of gum is used as a magic wand and turns into the selection (folded)
28 Extended Credit: Magician bends a borrowed credit card in an envelope past the breaking point and restores the card
30 Jaw-Dropper: (Hunter's Distant Misdirection Palm - Rudy Hunter; One-Hand Top Palm) Signed card travels from the deck to the case almost instantly – twice.
33 Going Down: (Card To Card Case - Ed Marlo) Another selection cleverly transfers from the deck to the card case
35 Inside Trading: $20 Bill appears inside a Perrier (or other) bottle
37 Yo-Yo Mon: Yo-Yo string cut and restored
39 Short Fuse: Ace and Two are fused into a Three, with signatures intact! (no gimmicks)
42 Just Joking: (Riffle Pass, Biddle Steal, Two-As-Three Count, Revolution Count, Bluff Tent Vanish) Jokers help find the selection by sandwiching it, then the selection vanishes from the sandwich and appears back in the deck
46 Seven: Selection is revealed during a telephone call
47 Bon Bon: (Palm-Down Retention Vanish, Pocket Drop Vanish) Copper coin in left hand and Silver in the right turn into two candies
49 Electric Candy: The end of a candy wrapper is torn off and then restored
51 Holistic Medicine (Bobo Switch - JB Bobo; Palm Change; Spellbound Change Variant) Holes in coins multiply, transpose, etc. Requires making a few unique coins…
55 Topper Tack: (Annemann/Christ Alignment Move) A clever force that also acts as a control
57 Group Hypnosis: Three spectators and the magician all select the same card value
59 A Stronger Magnet: (Monte Move; Paint Brush Change; Vernon Depth Illusion) A “magnet” card elevates a selection to the top, then pulls to hard so the selection becomes blank and the magnet card absorbs the image
63 Broken English: A paddle trick with a Chopstick and a card prediction
65 Family Tree: A pencil goes back to its roots and grows a stem
67 Mightier Than The Sword: (“Snapper" Move) A pen gets a “snapper” top, which is then found to be solidly glued to the pen
69 Through and Through: A card visibly penetrates a dollar that has been wrapped around the packet; the card turns out to be the selection
72 Crocodile Tear: An approach to the $100 bill tear
74 Personal Check: A folded check turns into a real bill
75 Cornered: Corner of a bill is torn, the bill is unfolded and the tear has moved to the opposite corner, but the torn portion still matches
77 Geometrick: Round hole in the middle of a bill turns into a square hole
78 Genuine Counterfeit: A corner is torn from a sheet of paper; paper turns into a dollar bill, and the torn corner still matches!
80 Voodoo: (Mercury Card Fold) An index card is folded, and the selection is found folded in the deck; the selection is burnt, and the index card is found with a burnt corner
83 Swiddle Kings: (Swiddle Move): An assembly introducing the Swiddle Move, which is an undetectable switch while peeling cards
85 A Clear Impossibility: (Hofsinzer Wild-Card Move; Through-The-Fist Flourish - Dai Vernon) Two cards change places in two plastic cases several times under seemingly impossible conditions
88 Power Lunch: Spectator signs 1/2 of a business card, Magician signs 1/2 of another business card, and the cards (with sigs) merge into one (Out to Lunch principle)
90 Healed: Holes are punched in an envelope with a business card in it; the business card is visibly healed
93 XXX-Rated: X's are drawn on several business cards; they transfer to one card, then to the spectator's card
96 Sleeves-Up Bluff Pass: An easy pass
98 Amateur Versus Professional: (Reverse Double Undercut - Jennings/Elias): Two cards are selected and discovered by the magician, one using the "amateur" method, and a 2nd using the "professional" method
100 Sugar Rush: Selected card is found folded in a sugar packet (restaurant magic)
102 Strange Journey: A dime is pushed through the length of a straw; the straw can even be seen "bulging" at the seams
104 Hard To Swallow: A cocktail "sword" is vanished
106 Touch of Evil: (Turnover Pass) A card selection "jumps" a flaming candle, and receives a burn mark in the process
108 World's Smallest Magic Wand: (Shuttle Pass) A match is used as a wand and a selection in a card case transposes with the matches in the match-box
110 Fire Down Below: A matchbook transforms into a card selection
112 Firefly: One of 2 matches is torn from a matchbook and burnt. The Burnt match is transposed with a match in the book
114 Lightning Bolt: (Vernon Depth Illusion) A ambitious Joker effect is performed, only to find the deck is bolted together with a metal bolt and nut
116 Once in a Lifetime: Performer divines a selection AND the spectator's birthday
119 What's In A Name?: Magician names the spectators selection "Raoul", but then it is found that Raoul is printed on the back, that the other cards have different names, and that the Raoul card IS the spectator's selection
120 Prime Time Bend: A quarter mysteriously melts and bends; can be handed out
122 Silver Lining: A spoon mysteriously bends under a napkin
124 Spinach: Performer bends a long nail
125 Twister: Performer visibly twists a metal spoon when held over a flame
127 Between The Sheets: A "Spirit Slates" routine with business cards
129 Merger: Performer writes 2 predictions on 2 business cards. 2 spectators end up selecting the same card, and the performer's prediction matches in a cleverly unique way!
131 Drew As I Drew: Magician and spectator each scribble on two business cards, and the scribbles match
133 Paging Ben Franklin: An incredible prediction with a deck of cards, a book and a $20 bill
134 Ghost: Spectator says stop as a ghost story book is riffled; the selected page turns out to be missing and is found in an envelope
137 Creamed: A "single cups & balls" routine with a dairy creamer and its lid crumpled into a ball. With a solid creamer ending.
139 Secret Passages: Coins vanish and are heard to arrive in a glass; then the coins and the glass penetrate the table
141 Hot Knife: a paddle trick with a knife to be performed impromptu at any candlelight dinner
143 Shanghai Change: A wrong card is revealed, but instantly changes to the selection with a wave of the deck
145 Homing Band: (Sure-Shot Vanish) A rubber band is shot into the air and returns to its place around the deck
147 Special Delivery: A stamp vanishes from a packet and ends up stuck on the selection
149 Greed: Spectator chooses one of three envelopes and finds a penny, the other two contain a $50 and $100 bill!
151 A Delicate Balance: Three machine nuts are balanced on each other one at a time, then the entire stack is turned sideways and is found to be solidly glued together
153 20th Century Fox: Three movie tickets are torn, one is signed, and ends up attached between the other two tickets
156 Nightcap: After using a pen to sign something, the spectator can't put the lid back on because it has turned solid
158 House Bound: A card selection is found to have transposed with a card that was seen taped to the top of the deck
160 The Blues: A blue stone causes the back of a red card to turn blue, then a selection, then the whole deck
163 Box 'N Ring: A card selection is found rolled up inside a ring that was placed in a card case at the start of the trick
165 Stretching It: A finger ring is visibly stretched and restored
167 The Hustler: The "ashes through the hand" modified to use blue pool chalk
169 Glass in Steel: A small nut melts into and out of a small bottle
171 U.F.O.: A metal ball rises and falls in a test tube
173 Black Stack: An 8 coin production for parlor or stage (not close up)
175 Bouncing Baby: A ball is bounced and turns into an egg, which is cracked into a glass
177 Paper Cloud: A knife is stabbed into the midst of a card deck that was previously tossed, and comes out impaling the selection