William V. Rauscher: Pleasant Nightmares
Rauscher, William V.: Pleasant Nightmares
Dr. Neff and His Madhouse of Mystery
©2008 William V. Rauscher, S.S. Adams, NJ
Hardcover, no dj, 315 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60585-312-3
William V. Rauscher: Pleasant Nightmares
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Comments: A high quality production with plenty of photographs throughout. "A haunting tale of America's most unusual stage show and the man behind the curtain, including a personal interview with James T. Neff, Bill Neff's forgotten son.

Contents (chapters from book):

1 Chapter 1 Bill Neff On Stage
17 Chapter 2 Promotion!
23 Chapter 3 Advance Publicity Behind the Scenes
43 Chapter 4 Master of the Blackout
59 Chapter 5 Destined For Magic
83 Chapter 6 On the Road to Self-Destruction
91 Chapter 7 Neff, The Mental Marvel
101 Chapter 8 Neff Meets Dracula
111 Chapter 9 Neff In The Comics
121 Chapter 10 The Mossey Connection
131 Chapter 11 The Windley Connection
147 Chapter 12 The Huston Connection
159 Chapter 13 Did Bill Neff Disappear?
173 Chapter 14 The Final Days
207 Chapter 15 A Son Reflects
239 Epilogue

243 Appendices
243 Miracle Rope—Cut and Restored Tie
247 Neff’s Egg Bag, Rice Bowls and Funnel Routine
257 Bonanza
268 A Gallery of Neff Photos: Publicity Shots Posed Using Professional Models
280 A Gallery of Neff Photos: A Sampling of Neff’s Show Business Friends
288 A Gallery of Neff Photos: The Master Magician Performing Illusions and Working Under Difficult Conditions
291 A Gallery of Neff Photos: Neff in Performance and Additional Publicity Photos
311 Acknowledgments
313 Index