Ravelle and Andree: Magic Ala Carte
©1960 (circa) Abbott's Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 18 pages
Revelle & Andree: Magic A La Carte
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Ravelle and Andree: Magic Ala Carte

Comments: Some clever ideas in here. Also available as part of the Abbott's Magic compilation Bag O' Trix, edited by Gordon Miller

Contents (From book ToC, page numbers based on edition in Bag O Trix):

1 First Course: Introduction
1 The Abominylon Snowman: button are removed from a platform snowman, vanish, and reappear, with a color change
2 Milk Go: routine for the commercial prop

3 Second Course:
3 Three Blind Mice: sponge ball routine
4 Hopping Hen Fruit: rubber eggs sucker trick with a lemon climax
4 Thread-It: Kid-show routine for this commercial effect

5 Third Course:
5 Silk Blow - Silk Go: silk vanishes when blown from a tube
6 Cow With The Crumpled Horn: a full glass of milk is poured behind a picture of a cow, yet nothing gets wet
7 Self-Service: an egg bag presentation
9 Peni-Sponge: a chosen sponge vanishes to be found inside a shot glass under an inverted glass
10 Crash Thru Production Box: audience sees inside the box, yet silks are produced
11 Choice Of Cash: a chosen color Chinese Coin disc is the only one threaded on a ribbon
12 Fantastrick: a red card placed in a houlette matches a blue card selected by spectator