Ravetta & Walton: Up to Date Magical Ideas
Ravetta, William & Otto Waldmann (Walton): Up-To-Date Magical Ideas
©1920 B. L. Gilbert, Chicago IL
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5x6.75", 16 pages (plus ads)
Ravetta & Walton: Up-to-Date Magical Ideas
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Comments: Some quick ideas & tricks.

Contents (from book):

2 Preface

3 Improved Coffee and Milk Trick: basic idea for improved prop given
4 Idea for Slate and Rising Cards: their approach to Maskelyne & Devant's trick in Our Magic
6 Fan Servante: how to construct and use
7 Handy Black Art Well: quick idea
7 Egg Bag Done With a Borrowed Handkerchief: clever gimmick turns a handkerchief into an egg bag
8 Method for Hat Load: for stage use
9 Simple Vest Servante: how to construct
9 Combination for Handkerchief Pedestal: an idea for a vanishing egg
10 Mephisto's Message: a quick three card revelation
11 Neat Idea for Confetti Trick: approach for napkin and confetti trick
12 Togo Ishi Paper Napkin Trick: paper napkin vanish
13 Rabbit Servante: holding a rabbit for production
14 Idea for an Act: outline for a Miser's dream routine, no details
14 Coin Servante for Aerial Treasury: a dropper for the above routine
15 Paper Ribbons From Hat a La Pagoda: ribbons fall from a hat