Medjid Rezvani & Michael Landes: The Cushions of the Princess, or the Tomato Game
Rezvani, Medjid K.: Les Coussinets De La Princesse
©1950 Medjid K. Rezvani (Original French Edition)
Hardcover, 2-volumes, 102 pages

Rezvani, Medjid K. & Michael Landes (Translator): The Cushions of the Princess: or the Tomato Game
©2013 eBook, 140 pages
Rezvani: Les Coussinets De La Princesse
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Rezvani: Les Coussinets De La Princesse
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Comments: Rezvani's unique approach to the cups & balls has been translated into English by Michael Landes. The original 1950 edition was a two volume set as pictured above on the left.

Contents (from, numbers are not page numbers):


2 CHAPTER ONE: Materials
3 The Tomatoes
4 The Bowls
5 The Wand
6 The Bags
7 The Scarf
8 The Juggler Scarf
9 The Rug

10 CHAPTER TWO: Technique
11 Introduction
12 Preliminaries
13 The Steal
14 Palming
15 False Deposits
16 Loads

17 CHAPTER THREE: The Passes
18 Introduction
19 My Routine
20 The First Pass
21 The Second Pass
22 The Third Pass
23 The Fourth Pass
24 The Fifth Pass
25 The Sixth Pass
26 The Seventh Pass
27 The Eighth Pass
28 The Ninth Pass

29 Additional Passes
30 The Tenth Pass
31 The Eleventh Pass
32 The Twelfth Pass
33 The Thirteenth Pass
34 The Fourteenth Pass
35 The Fifteenth Pass
36 The Seventeenth Pass
37 The Eighteenth Pass
38 The Nineteenth Pass
39 The Twentieth Pass
40 The Twenty-First Pass
41 The Twenty-Second Pass
42 The Twenty-Third Pass
43 The Twenty-Fourth Pass
44 The Twenty-Fifth Pass
45 The Twenty-Sixth Pass

46 CHAPTER FOUR: Stage Presentation and Fantasies
47 On Stage: The table
48 Fantasies The Strolling Cushions (The Twenty-Seventh Pass)
49 The Use of a Snake
50 The Mobile Bowls
51 Musical Accompaniment
52 The Obedient Bowls

53 APPENDIX: Le Jeu Des Tomates by M Sardina