Harry Riser: Secrets of an Escamoteur
Riser, Harry: Secrets of an Escamoteur
©2006 Hermetic Press
Hardcover, no dj, 245 pages
Harry Riser: Secrets of an Escamoteur
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Comments: Illustrated with drawings by Earle Oakes.

Contents (courtesy Denis Behr's Conjuring Archive - see Denis' site for greater detail):

vii Teller on Riser (Teller)
ix Close on Riser (Michael Close)
xi Swiss on Riser Jamy Ian Swiss
xi Preface xxi

1 Chapter One - Travels with Charlie
4 The Malini-Miller Egg Bag: construction
5 The Riser Routine
13 Charlie Miller's Break Handling
15 Charlie Miller's Table-Spread Force
17 One Left Standing
19 The Inserted Card Control with Countdown
22 Charlie Miller's Double Turnover
24 The SWE Break Double Turnover
27 Three Covers and a Nickel Monte
27 Vernon and Miller on the Corner Short
29 Charlie Miller on the Second Deal
33 Second to None

37 Chapter Two - Dreams from Flatland
39 The Impossible Dream
39 Dream Divination
41 Gauging the Aces
45 Almost Legitimate Cutting The Aces
46 The Top-Block Slip Cut
55 The Descending Card Revisited
59 The Riser Key-and-Stock Control
61 Cutting Remarks
65 Abbott Get-Together Story
65 Behind the Back, One Way
68 Marking Ink
68 One Way to Spell
71 The Dictionary Definition
74 The Spectator-Management Control
75 The Thinner Handkerchief Force
77 The Two-Thirds Deck Trick
81 Shuffle Estimation
83 On Dr. James Elliott
83 S.W.Estimation
86 On J. N. Hofzinser
86 Anywhere and Somewhere

91 Chapter Three - In the Land of the Faro
93 Sunken Riser
95 On the Direct Divination Joke
95 The Impossible Faro Shuffle Card Control
98 Greek Connection
100 The Ace Goes to the Place
102 The Dessoir Stratagem
104 Middle-of-the-Deck Location Procedures
108 My Favorite One-Faro Finder
110 Orafitse
113 The Alternate
116 The Double Shot Location
118 Yours, Mine, and Ours
122 Colon Ace-Copee
126 The Riser-Zingone Four-Card Control
128 Four in the Hole
130 Ace Controlled to the Nines
134 On Ed Marlo
135 Penelopizing
137 Spelling Penelope
139 Penelope Alter Idem
141 Really Shuffled Matcho
145 Countdown Matcho
147 On Richard Himber
148 Double Triple Match
157 Stay, Stay-Stack, Stack
159 Needle in a Haystack
164 Dai Vernon Final Loads Anecdote
165 A Real Late-Night Discovery
167 Count
169 The Bottom Dealer Folds

173 Chapter Four - The Riser Rings
176 The Riser Rings: three-ring routine, locking key ring
Phase One
- The Inspection
- The First Link
- Spinning the Rings
- The Jack Miller Unlink
- Passing One Ring Through the Center of the Other
- Jack Miller's Ring Through Arm
Phase Two
- The Riser Twirl Display
- A Ring Jumps from Arm to Arm
- The Patterns
- Unlinking the Chain
Phase Three
- The Second Chain
- The Butterfly
- Rink's Penetration
- The Illogical Unlink
- The Shamrock Returns
- The Ring in the Air
Fourth Phase
- Vernon's Bookleaf Link
- The Shamrock Variation
- The Chains
- The Final Unlinking
186 The Jack Miller Unlink
190 Ring Through Arm
211 Rink's Penetration
217 Bookleaf Link