Don Rogers: Merrie Magical Chatter
Rogers, Don: Merrie Magical Chatter
©1984 (circa) Abbott Magic Co.
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 24 pages
Rogers: Merrie Magical Chatter
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Rogers: Merrie Magical Chatter
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Comments: "Patter, comedy, humorous presentations for professional and amateur". This book has also been incorporated as part of Abbott's "Talk" book, edited by Gordon Miller.

Contents (based on edition included in Abbott's Talk, page numbers are not the same as the original)

1 A Legend
1 Introduction
1 Opening Chatter
2 Trouble-Wit
3 Multiplying Golf Balls
3 Spirit Alarm Clock
5 Aerial Fishing
6 Cut & Restored Rope
6 The Needle Trick
7 Diminishing Pack Of Cards
7 Entertaining Children
8 Vanishing Wand & Wand From Purse
9 Jumping Spoons & Breakaway Fan
10 Poko Chinko
11 Productive Egg Bag
14 Suggested Effective Tricks
15 Suggestions, Gags & Bits for the Magical M.C.
15 Squelch
15 Plucked Chicken
16 Baffling Bloomers
16 Cigarette - Matchbox - Silk Combination
17 Suggested Effective Tricks for M.C.s & Toastmasters