Fred Rome: Conjuirng Chatter
Rome, Fred: Conjuring Chatter
©1919 Fred Rome, The London Magial Co., England
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 16 pages
Fred Rome: Conjuring Chatter
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Comments: "As so many Conjurers adopt different methods of performing certain tricks, the patter in this book is written to fit INCIDENTS only which occur in the presentation of the tricks stated." Note this is patter, no tricks are described.

Contents (from book):

1 Egg Producer: comedy lines for a young helper and any routine in which eggs are produced
2 Watch and Loaf Trick: lines about the value of the watch, its escape from the box
3 Handkerchiefs and Pan Trick: lines about magician's borrowing things; the handkerchief's destruction, and restoration
4 Rice Bowls: introductory patter about a Chinese baby eating rice
4 Knots and Handkerchief Trick: silk worm, knot jokes
5 Drum Head Tube: tube and cylinder jokes
5 Diminishing Cards: patter centers around rationing
6 Rising Card Trick: comedy lines around putting cards in the glass
7 Card Frame: lines about the magician's baby photo, some puns, etc.
8 Multiplying Billiard Balls: patter around the game of pool
8 Egg Bags: gags about bags and eggs
9 Die Box Trick: some die jokes and wood/cabinet lines
10 Mysterious Clock Dial: lines about faces, glass, and gags around particular numbers chosen
12 Mutilated Umbrella: comedy about buying things, Japan, etc.
13 Stand, Cage, and Box: jokes about what is pulled out of the box
14 Linking Rings: some ring gags and puns
15 Cigarettes: lots of cigarette lines
16 Slates: general gags about slates

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